Minutes, 13 July 1844

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July 13 1/2 p 10. 1844
Names called— Ald. appointed chairman— reading of the minutes dispensed with. No business being brought forward— meeting adjourned until next regular meeting—
meeting again called to order by
spoke as to keeping up the Police & the wants the autho[rity] of this council to provide food for them.
enquired if there was any ordinance to pay the police— if there is no provision of that sort made— it ought to be.
The knows of no ordinance regulating pay of the police
thought there was some resolution, authorizing the mayor to employ the Police and to regulate their pay.
Resolution made by the
“Resolved by the City Council of the City of that Marshal of said , be and is hereby authorized to draw on the Treasury, for any sum not exceedi[ng] two hundred dollars of any monies not otherwise appropriated, or if necessity require, make a loan of the same, for the purpose of supplying the City Police with food.”
Moved & seconded that it be adopted & adopted accordingly
spoke in regard to an abundance of food passing our doors while a number of persons are starving to death— why not extend our powers to catch the fish and feed the poor—— dont let the peop[le] cry aloud for food while thousands are passing daily. I simply through out this as a suggestion— will there be any more harm to take advantage of the <​re​>sources of the — than sending the committees all round the world to gather in food for the
this is not an idle suggestion— if a little exertion is ma[de] it will be of great benefit.
said the committees were sent out while we had 500 troops under arms— as we have the police to find food for— they can speak
handed in a bill of to the amount of $40 which was allowed.
Counsel then adjourned until the next regular Session Second Saturday in Aug[ust]
Recorder [p. 40]