Minutes, 13 November 1841

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Saturday 13th. Novr. 1841.
Council met agreeable to adjournment, Meeting opened by Prayer,— Minutes of last Conference <​Meeting​> Read.
Col. Sworn, & signed his oath of office.
Col. one <​Chairman​> of the Committee to <​whom​> the Recorders Petn’ <​was referred​> brought presented their Report, which was <​accepted, & it was​> adopted that the provide a <​Desk, & suitable Books of Record, & also Stationary, & draw Money from the City Treasury,​> to pay for the same, & the above Property be kept at the Council House.—
Recorders Bond accepted, & it was adopted that it be lodged with the , <​&​> it was handed to the for that purpose.
City Surveyors Petn. <​presented by Colr , was received & accepted, & <​adopted​>​> passed <​that​> his Claim for a Sum of $32[.]00, <​be​> allowed, for Surveying Young Street, Parley St., & other Streets.— Colr. Joseph Smith presented——
An ordce in Relation to appeals, which which was passed Unanimously, after due proceeds. had thereon.—
Colr. Joseph Smith presented——
<​An ordce. fixing the Compensation of the Mayor & Recorder of the <​City of .​>​>
<​Sec 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of , that the Mayor & Recorder, shall receive one Hundred Dollars each for the Current year as a Compensation for their services, this act to take place effect and be in force from and after its passage.—​>
<​Colr. Joseph Smith presented​>
<​An Ordce. concerning Vagrants & disorderly persons, <​which​> went through the usual Rules, & passed unanimously <​so far as Engrossment for​> .—​>
wished an amendment, by striking out a part of the Ordce., but <​it​> could not be done at that Stage of the proceeds, the Bill having been Engrossed.
It was put to vote, & passed Unanimously.—
moved that the ordinance Resolution passed on the 6th. Inst. relating to the assessment of City property, be reconsidered. & proceeded, & gave his reasons for introducing it.
The gave an expln. of the rights & powers given by the City Charter, & the right of the City Col. to Tax the Citizens. [p. 39]
Colr. J. Smith spoke at Consid[era]ble length on the Subject of the right of Taxn., & the Taxes laid on by the &c..—
The spoke in Expln..— upon which withdrew his Motion.—
moved that all Dogs in the be Assess assessed Five Dollars p Head.
Colr. J. Smith proposed an amendt., that it be 12⅓ Cts each.—
opposed the Bill.
Colr. opposed it also.—
Colr. opposes, & wd Tax more extensive—
opposed, & if Taxn., it must be according to their value, agreeable to the Charter.—
again Spoke, & was willing to pay for his Dog at the Rate & Value of $500,00.— but not <​willing​> that Per Any Person shd be privileged to kill his Dog, or that he shd be Taxed $5,00 to support the Poor.—
The Spoke in explination.—
Colr. J. Smith Spoke at length & does not want Taxation,
Colr. did not wish for Taxn., but if they be Taxed, let be according to Value.—
rose to explain.
Colr. , wd go for killing Sluts.
spoke in opposn. to Taxn, & thinks the Laws already made one Suffiet..—
sd. that to <​ascertain the​> Value <​of​> Dogs wd be uncertain.—
Aldmn. spoke
Amendment lost by Vote.—
Origl. Motion lost.
Adjourned to Saturday next, at 6 oClock at same place—
Novr. 13th. 1841.— [p. 40]


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