Minutes, 14 December 1844

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Decr. 14. 1844 20 min past 10
Regular Session
Names of Members called— a Quorum present— Prayer by Councillor read a letter from <​to​> the Representative— — in answer to his letter— Ald. spoke on the behalf of retaining our present Charter and not to give up a good Charter because others whine— the Legislature gave us a Charter to make any law not repugnant to the Constitution— and we ought to keep it—
said we have not transgressed any law— we have done no wrong— if we had, there is a tribunal to bring us before— let us hang on to the Charter— if they take away our rights they shall have the glory of it— and shew to the world that there is no faith in the Legislature
Co. has similar feelings. I never would consent to let it be altered in the least— the has saved Joseph— and we may want it to save ourselves, if one Charter cannot be defended— another cannot— if they do repeal it— let it be to their own disgrace— — the letter be dispensed with—
Motioned and carried that the ordinance relating to Swine passed last Session be stricken out
Letter from Recorder read and accepted
Moved and seconded that be our Clerk for the time being
— do.— do.— that the alteration in [Samuel] Marr & s bills be made as reduced—
— do.— do.— that the bill of be referred to the Committee of claims
— do.— do— that Ald be added to the Committee on claims for the time being
— do.— do.— that the Petition of and two others for opening a Street [p. 52] across Block 69 be made by an ordinance
passed “Ordinance to locate an Alley on Block 69 and other Alleys or Lanes”
Ordinance incorporating the Seventies Library and Institute Association” read 1st. time 2nd. time by Title— 3rd. time—
Co. spoke on the subject— followed shewing that as the gave us powers as large as the — we have power to give same to this Institute— Co. considers that we have power to give to this Institute— as far as right is given to us— let us give right one to another— shall we curtail ourselves because the Legislature wants to curtail us—
— said the Charter includes a grant to a college which goes further than this— we have power to legislate for the benefit & convenience of this if we pass a law for the enlightning of the human family— we do not go against any law— and especially the Constitution of the — or of this this bill is for the diffusion of useful knowledge throughout all the world— Intelligence is the life of liberty— every exertion shall be made to find out Intelligence— we shew good, that there is no evil in the thing—
there is no limit given in <​to​> the power of the Charter— I am in favor of the diffusion of Knowledge—
Ald. differed from in the power of the Charter. we have passed an Act to record our Deeds here instead of going 18 miles— it is for our convenience— and he went into his views of the power of the Charter— but I think the Charter now before us is too liberal and I may vote against it—
had leave to withdraw to go to the High Council
shewed the illiberality of the people of towards us, since the Charter was given us— and no man can shew that he has been injured by this City Council
Co. asked who was going to be injured by granting this Charter and spoke his feelings on the subject—
Co. said we want this Council to grant us the Charter— the University has been a failure— if the Council can make an University— it can make a Library
spoke— spoke— read the Sec. of the Charter relating to the University— and shewed that it came within the jurisdiction of this council—
Passed No. .
Co. wants it to be recorded that voted against it— “because the City Council has no authority to grant it.”
Satisfied by the Title Adjourned for one hour [p. 53]
Decr. 14. 1844
Meeting opened pursuant to adjournment
Petition of and 21 others for permission to to make a dam in the
rose to object to the petition and to shew that an ordinance had been granted to the late Joseph Smith for the purpose— and took a review of the whole— and shewed that to grant this petition would be out of place—
stated that the Ordinance to Joseph Smith was drawn up, and suited Joseph Smith and read the same—
said this Council has no right to operate— for it is already transferred to the Successors of Joseph Smith
Petition lie on the table
Petition of & 4 others to open St. East of Speers St. from Parley to Young Granted
Bill of $5.00 for surveying Speers St. referred to the Committee on claims— they <​reported nothing to do with it​>
Bill of 48.25 for surveying & assessing— do.— do.report allowed
do Grubb & Ritchie 57.81 for Liquor &c to Nauvoo Legion be referred to & .
do. 40.80 for Salted Beef be refd. to the committee on claims (bill allowed for 30.60)
Moved and seconded that the Trustees in Trust be indemnified in their claims on the Carried
do. do. that the Treasurer audit the accts. presented to him by the Trustees in Trust <​and give them receipts for the same​> Carried
Bill concerning Swine read 1st. time 2nd. laid on the table
An Ordinance to amend an Ordinance passed Decr. 8. 1843— passed—
Motioned and seconded that the Committee on Public Grounds have further time allowed to report on the burying ground also in connection with the Old Burying G[round] and be instructed to find out the boundary of the Old burying ground and to make same decent by fencing it out— Carried
Motioned and seconded that the fill up Vacancies of Trustees & Registrar in Nauvoo University appointed Mr. Registrar
<​Trustees​> <​Regents​> , , , , , , , , <​Prof—​> , , , , , , , Jonathan C. Wright, , , , & James M. Monroe—
Moved and seconded that the give orders to the Councillors to the amount of their taxes dues Carried
Council adjourn till next regular Session [p. 54]


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