Minutes, 14 September 1844

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Regular Session. Sept 14th. 1844 at Eleven oclock— A. M.
Names of members, called, Quorum Present
Prayer by Mayor
Petition presented by for the sum of $34.50c which was lent for the benefit of the
. There was a Matter presented before us, that is, the claims of Mr [John] Wood for his Services to Joseph Smith
Moved & seconded that the committee were dismissed from any further claims <​action​> on the claims of Mr Wood
Moved & seconded that the council have nothing to do with the petition for it belongs to the .
Moved & secd. that the Bill be allowed
Moved & seconded that Jonathan C. Wright be elected Marshall
Moved & seconded that Jonathan C. Wright act as assessor & collector in the place of
Moved & Seconded that be <​elected​> Recorder of Deeds
stated that the old police was about to <​be​> broken up (see last council)
I still hold the same idea that the old police be kept up as they have been on duty for a long time, the same as I stated at last council meeting [p. 46]
— said that there is one or two of the police sleeps at his house at nights while he is on watch & I say to them there is my house & my bed for you & also my table is read for them if required
Motioned & seconded that the be a committee of the three <​be​> appointed to confer with the trustees <​of the church​> relative to paying the police
Moved & seconded that & & be the committee appointed for that purpose
speak of the police that it is of natural importance that this body should be kept up & I think if the inhabitants of <​the​> different wards would have meetings in their neighborhoods to see if they would allow themselves for a small tax put on each of them for the purpose of keeping up the police for it is right that these men are sustained & they are willing to go any length for the safety of the
Moved & seconded that the committee of three that was appointed council together for the best means of sustaining the police or of choosing new police
. said all that the is worth nothing & it would be a good plan to see if trustees could donate any things or a piece of land <​or property​> that could be sold for the support of the police
. said that he would like to see the clear of debt & that if the trustees for would donate a piece of property he was willing to give half a lot for the support of the police [p. 47]
<​reported​> I called on the Higbees & one of the Fosters <​at appenoose​> but I dont see that any thing can be done with the Laws & Fosters but I am going to on thursdays <​&​> I will see when I can lay before him what this council decides on
[6 lines blank]
An ordinance concerning the Register of deeds. & for other purposes.
Sect 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of that the Register of deeds before entering upon the duties of his office <​shall be sworn and​> shall give a bond with security to the in a penalty of two <​Five​> hundred dollars that he he will faithfully execute & perform the duties of said office & deliver over the books & papers of belonging to <​the​> said office to his successor in office without defaltcation or delay
passed Sept. 14th. 1844.
Moved & Seconded that & Edmund D Wooley be appointe to prosecute a settlement as far as possible for the press it was also Moved & secded. that he have discretionary power
Moved & seconded that the assessors & collectors of taxes be allowed one dollar pr day
Moved & seconded that be elected councillor in place of .
Moved & seconded that this meeting adjourn until the next general session [p. 48]
Report on J[ohn] S. Higbees accont [account] accpted accot allowed
C. D. S. <​​> suggested that coun[c]il pass an ordinace to prvent misrepresentatn of and Libillous publacations
Committee be appointed to attend to the wharf [p. 49]


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