Minutes, 15 April 1843

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Saturday April 15th. 1843. Ten oClock A. M.
City Council convened this day, in consequence of adjournment from Saturday last, (the day for regular meeting,) by reason of the Conference of the Church being held at that time.
The Council having been organized, Meeting was opened by Prayer. Minutes of last meeting were read & approved.
Colr. [p. 12]
Colr. was chosen president pro tem, (in the first place.)
A Petition was presented from & others, praying that Granger Street might be ordered to be made twenty feet wider, which Petn. was referred to the Committee of improvements, who reported, & their report was Accepted. Whereupon It was Ordered by the City Council &c., that Granger Street be widened made sixteen feet wider than the Original Survey, <​in manner following, that is, eight​> seven feet, <​to be taken​> from the lots on each side of the Street, from Water Street to the <​North​> end of Granger St. North, & from Water Street to the <​ at the South​> ends of Granger St, south to the river, on the West side of said Street only, and that this order is not to interfere with Houses that are already built, but that those <​Persons​> who have houses on the Street shall have the privilege of moving them at their discretion, & those Persons who have fences made shall have one year from this date, to remove them, also that all improvements that may be hereafter made shall be put eight feet back from the original Survey, the widening of said Street to be at the expence of Petitioners, & others.
The Committee of public works reported progress upon the Bill for the erection of a City Prison, & the Bill was recommitted to them.
The Committee of public grounds Reported, upon the Petition of & ors for the opening of Winchester Street, which report was accepted, & being unfavourable, the Petition was rejected.
A Petition of & ors to have Brigham Street opened, was referred to the Committee of public grounds, who reported favorable, the Report was accepted, & Petition granted, by ordering that Brigham Street be opened, running from Young Street one half mile North, at the expence of Petitioners.
A Petition from & ors on behalf of Betsy Foot Widow, concerning the opening of Lombard Street through her land, was ordered to be laid upon the Table.
The [p. 13]
The Committee of public grounds presented their report, upon the Petition of & others, (to have Wight St opened,) which was accepted, & adopted, whereby It was Ordered that Wight Street be opened from Warsaw Street, East to Winchester Street, at the expence of Petitioners.
Colr. obtained leave to retract the assignment made by him, upon the 17th. day of feby. 1842, of his pay as a member of this Council, so far as the amount which will pay his City Taxes for the year 1842, & he retracted same accordingly.
<​Cert. given.​>
It is hereby ordered by the City Council &c, that the do pay to out of the funds in the Treasury, a sum equal in Amount to the Taxes due by him to the for the year 1842, & the Collectors of the City Taxes <​do receive the​> [illegible] hereby Order [3 words illegible] this <​Cert of the when presented to them,​> Order in payment of <​​> said taxes, if presented to them <​due by for the year1842,​> & endorse such payments thereon, & the will accept said Certfe in the payments <​& settlements​> to be made with him by the said Collectors.
Adjourned at 12 oClock (noon,) until next regular Meeting. [p. 14]


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