Minutes, 15 February 1841

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Monday 15th Feby 1841.
called to the Chair in the absence of the — Proceeds of last meeting read. Meeting opened by by Prayer—
stated that does not Consider that the Charter has evacuated the Town of , & produced a [p. 4] A Map of s property as he <​​> wd wish, it to stand—
Moved & seconded that the Petn <​or Map​> be laid— on the Table; & Carried—
then took the Chair
An ordinance relative to Temperance— Read 1st time— rules dispensed with. & recd, 2nd reading.—
moved that it be amended by striking out the Word Quart, & insert the Word Pint—
Opposed by Colr J. Smith,— also by ,— spoke,— explained,— Colr spoke in support of Bill, at length. Colr. J. Smith moved to go into a Committee of the whole. Seconded, & Carried, & Colr <​J.​> Smith took the Chair,
The then spoke at great lenghth in support of the Bill, & opposed the amendment.
Bill passed reported back without amendment, & stands as originally.
moved that the word Quart be struck out, & word Gallon inserted.
Colr J. Smith spoke at length on the article of Liquor being unnecessary, & operates as a Poison, & that Roots & Herbs can be found to effect all necessary purposes.
explained,— spoke at length.—
Moved, Seconded, & Carried, that Word gallon be inserted—
Colr J. Smith moved, <​& it was​> seconded, & Carred, that Comittee be relieved from further Considn as to City. Platt.
Committee on internal improvements <​Code of Ordinances for ,​> reported Progress, & obtained further time.—
Petn for liberty to make a Dam or Pier out into the , ordered to lie on the Table—
Bill of Laws & Ordinances for City of , read 2nd
Bill for [illegible] on Temperance read a 2nd time.
moved an amendment that <​whiskey be not sold under a Gallon, and other​> Spiritous Liquors under a Quart.— Bill passed.—
Adjd to one oC. on Monday next.
Monday, 15th Feb.y. 1841.
, Mayor [p. 5]


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