Minutes, 15 January 1842

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Saturday 15th Jany. 1842.—
City Council met pursuant to adjournment,— Meeting opened <​by​> Prayer, Minutes of last meeting Read.—
A Petition was presented on behalf of & , praying that Lumber Street be opened to the full extent, as it is obstructed by Fence. which was Referred to , Colrs. & .— [p. 5]
moved a Petn. <​from Joseph Fisher & others,​> for Opening Back St.,— from Mulholland St., to Munson St.,— Referred to <​a​> Committee of , <​Colr​> , & <​Aldmn.​> .—
The Petn of <​John​> Burscough & others, respecting a St., referred to a Committee of <​Aldmn​> , & , & .—
The Petn. of for a St., <​to be opened,​>, Referred to <​Colrs​> , , & .—
<​Orders have been given on these four Claims.​>
The Petn. of Supervisor of Streets, allowed, for a Sum of $36,12½. for 35¼ days Work on Streets, & 87½Cts Smith Work included.—
The Petn of allowed, for Three Dollars, for Surveying the first St East of Warsaw St..
The Petn. of for $52,50 (as P a/c.) allowed.—
The Petn. of , Allowed, for Five Dollars, for Summoning City Council, & <​Noticing Aldermen​> to lodge Bonds, Noticing Assessor & Collector, & , to do the like, also High Constables, & Posting up Ordinances, & Resolutions.—
Colr. moved a Resoln. that this Council take it into Considn. whether this Council shall have pay for their Services, & if so, what Amount.—
Colr. Spoke,— spoke.— & Colr . spoke <​all in support of the Motion​>,— Colr. spoke, & wd. wish to have <​a full Meeting, or​> another Meeting, at least, before a Law wd. be passed,— he considers the People are Poor.—
spoke in Support,— Colr. likewise,— also, at Great length. & all in support of the Motion,— Resoln. <​was adopted, that the City Col shall have pay for their Services.​> not sustained as no Sum <​was​> specified
Colr. moved a Resoln., that the City Colrs. and Committees shall be paid the Sum of Two Dollars p Day each, for their Services as Colrs., <​& Committees of this Col.,​>— & spoke in support of it.
Colr. also spoke, in Support.—
also spoke, in Support.—
spoke to same effect.— as also so others of the Col., an amendmt was moved that it be made $1,00 which was lost by vote. & the Origl. Resoln. Carried— [p. 6]
Colr. applied on the part of , that he be instructed in his Duty as Weigher & Sealer, was permitted to speak, & he gave an Idea of the mode of adjusting, & Sealing Weights & Measures, This Matter was discussed by several of the Council, but <​they​> did not come to any decision upon it.—
The appointed the following Committees.—
Comittee of Ways & Means.— Joseph Smith,— ,— & .—
" On Claims.— , , & .—
" On public Grounds,— ,— ,— & .—
" On Finance.— ,— ,— & .—
" On Municipal Laws.— J. Smith.— ,— & .—
Upon Motion of , It was Resolved, that the City Col. & Committees shall be paid the Sum of Two Dollars per Day each, for their Services, as Counsellors.—
Upon Motion of , It was Resolved, that the City Marshal receive the same pay for his time as <​one of​> the City Counsellors.—
Upon Motion of , It was Resolved, that the Sexton have Two Dollars for digging each Grave, & interring a Body, & that no other Person or Persons shall have the priviledge so to do, <​in any Case,​> unless by permission of the Sexton, & that the Sexton do keep a Record of all the Interments.—
Upon Motion of Colr. , that this Council procure a Complete Plot of the , for their Use, the same was referred to the Committee of Ways & Means.—
Upon Motion of that this Col. appoint a Committee to buy a Lot for, & prepare a House for the Council, which It was ordered to be <​laid​> on the Table.—
The [p. 7] The Subject Matter of the Burying Ground was spoken upon as regards the obtaining of a Title Deed for same.—
Council adjourned until Saturday next, to hold a Special Meeting at 6 oClock in the Evg., at the Col. Room.— [p. 8]


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