Minutes, 15 November 1842 [State of Illinois v. D. Brown and Edwards]

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Wm <​Nathan​> Cheney+— In Spring last <​or Summer, assisted & got &​> hauled Logs for Wm Niswanger, <​some 16 others 17 ft long​> & left them on the Bank of the .— was lately brought to Edward’s House & there saw 9 Logs which were 9 of the Logs belonging to Niswanger knew them by marks, which he described, + knew some of the short ones as being the same Timber as the rest of the Raft, some of them he knew by being marked & being longer than the rest, were soft Wood,
By the Ct— there were some Logs at the on the Beach, & he believed <​that​> they were all hard Timber, or Some of them, he did not considerd them Niswangers, but they might have been his.—
Isaac R. Clark, does not know Niswangers Logs, saw Logs hauled, but don’t know who they belonged to.
Edmond [Edmund] Nelson.— Saw some Logs at Edward’s which were Niswangers, they were marked, & he helped to get them for him.
Thomas Kelsy.— hauled part of the Logs out of the , & knows some of them, that are now at Edwards
Saml P. Kelsey— hauled part of the Logs out of the , & believes part of them are Niswangers, & saw them at Edward’s.— [p. [1]]
For Prisoners.
James [Daniel] Brown. Got logs for Edwards, & left them at the , heard Edwards tell the Prisr Brown to be careful when he hauled them to not take any but the right ones, & make no mistake in taking any other Persons Logs
Geo. W. Davidson.— hauled out Logs for Edwards at the same place at the , or near to where the Logs in question lay, & believes the Logs in question to be part of the Logs which was hauled out for Edwards, & which called his Logs. [p. [2]]