Minutes, 16 November 1832

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A of assembled November 16th. 1832— and Bro an Elder by Bro Joseph Smith J
Clk [p. 5]


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    An 1884 letter from Boynton suggests that he considered “Boyington” an alternate spelling of “Boynton.” (See Boynton, An Epistle of John Farnham Boynton, [1].)  

    Boynton, John Farnham. An Epistle of John Farnham Boynton, to All the Boyntons, Boyingtons, and Byingtons of the Western Hemisphere; Greeting. Happy New Year. Syracuse, NY: No publisher, 1 Jan. 1884. Copy at CHL.

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    This ordination may have occurred in preparation for Boynton to undertake another mission with Zebedee Coltrin. On 19 November, Boynton and Coltrin, accompanied by William Cahoon, left Kirtland, Ohio, on a mission to the East. (Coltrin, Diary and Notebook, 19 Nov. 1832.)  

    Coltrin, Zebedee. Diary and Notebook, 1832–1833. Zebedee Coltrin, Diaries, 1832–1834. CHL. MS 1443, fd. 2.