Minutes, 16 October 1841

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Saturday 16th Octr. 1841.
City Col met purst to special appt, minutes of last Meeting Read.
Petn presented & read <​representing inconvenience to several Citizens​> for the want of a Street, <​to wit​> beginning at the North End of a St. near the Brick House of Br. Nurse, thence running North across the half Section the distance of a half Mile.
Moved & seconded that Aldmn <​​> be one of <​a​> Committee to inspect the Street mentd. in Petn., & report thereon, and that <​be​> the other Committee, with , <​to Compose​> making a Committee of three. said Committee, which was Carried.—
Moved, Secd, & Carried, that Comittee receive instructions, & Act in viewing other Streets deemed necessary to be opened.—
moved, & seconded, that the be instructed to direct the Supervisor to have work done on the Streets in the neighbourhood of Genl Smiths Dwelling house, & same was adopted.—
moved, & it was Seconded, & Carried, that a Committee be appd. to view the best Ground to open a Street or Streets to Run from where the Street was opened to, (near the Temple Lot) [blank] until it wd meet the Road, & <​extend to the Eastern limits of the Corporation it being a continuous Route, &​> that they report at next meeting .—
Moved that , & , be the Comittee.
was included, & carried Unanimously.—
moved that some work be done on Parley St.., & the St. opened.— Seconded & Carried.— [p. 23]
moved that the Committee for purchasing burying Ground, be instructed, to Report at next Meeting.— Seconded & Carried.—
moved, & it was seconded, & Carried, that the City Assessor procure necessary Documents to enable him to assess <​the City​> Taxes.
moved, & it was seconded, <​& Carried​> that be appd to Act as Marshal in the stead of the , <​in his absence, &​> until the Return of the , who intends to go to .
Moved, & Seconded, <​& Carried,​> that the be instructed to notify the City <​High​> Constables that unless <​each of them do​> they lodge <​a​> Bond in <​with sufficient Sureties for​> $500,00 each, with the Recorder of the , before the next Meeting of the City Col., that they will be removed from <​said​> office for such neglect.
Adopted, that the Bond of the Marshal be $1,000,00, & that do lodge a Bond with sufficient Sureties for that Amt., with the , before the next meeting of the City Col...—
Moved Secdd & Carried That the thanks of the City Col. be given to <​the City Marshall​>, for his good Conduct, zeal, & indefatigable exertions, for the Welfare of this , & the peace & tranquility of its Inhabitants. & <​Citizens​> since his appointment to office, & <​which is​> highly esteemed & appreciated by us.—
Moved Secdd. & Carried That the Vote of thanks of this Col. <​to the ,​> be Copied & Certified by the , & given to the .
Adjd to next Saturday at one oC. at <​Colr. s office​> Temple Committee House
16th. Octr. 1841.— [p. 24]