Minutes, 17–18 February 1842

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Thursday Feby. 17th. 1842.— Special Meeting.—
City Col met purst. to Special Notice.— Meeting opened by Prayer.— Minutes of last Meeting read, Corrected, & approved of.— The Names of the City Col. were then called.
Petn. of & others for the <​opening of Bluff St. from Mulholland St. to Munson St.​> was referred to the Committee of Improvements.—
A Resolution was presented & passed as follows, to wit.—
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the Committee of public Grounds be authorized to proceed forthwith, & do all acts & things that they may Consider necessary, in Relation to the burying Ground, or Grounds, & that the Mayor & Recorder be directed to Consummate such Acts, of said Committee, all of which to be Reported to the next Council.
passed 17th Feby. 1842.—
The following Resolution was presented & passed, to Wit.
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the City Tax for 1841, be assessed at One half of One per Cent, on all Taxable Property.—
passed 17th. Feby. 1842.—
A Return of Delinquents for the year 1841 was presented by the , put to Vote, and accepted, & afterwards,— & upon Vote, Referred to the Committee of Improvement.
A Claim was presented from Carlos Gove for Lumber, Nails, Butts, Screws & Labor, in Making Desks & Seats for the City Council, which was accepted, & Allowed, for $9,37½, being the bals. due.
Allowed Feby. 17th. 1842,
Recorder. [p. 13]
The following Resoln. was adopted by the City Col..—
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the Case of U. C. Nickerson Versus , is a malicious prosecution, & that said Nickerson be Taxed with the Costs of Suit.
passed Feby. 17th. 1842.)
A Bill was introduced for regulating Marriages. which was Read the first Time,— Rules dispensed with, & read 2nd. time, The Col. went into a Committee of the whole, and Colr. was called to, & took the Chair.
The spoke to considerable length upon the Subject.
The Vice Mayor, Genl. , Aldermen , , & , & Colrs. , <​also spoke,​> some of the Members spoke different times. The again spoke for some time, when the Council adjourned for One Hour, for Dinner.
Council came to Order agreeable to adjournment.
The resumed his place upon the Floor, & spoke at length, & produced, & read <​what he wished to be inserted in​> the Ordinance, in Order to filling it up, which upon Vote, was agreed to, & the <​Question “shall this​> Bill ordered to a third [illegible] be Read a third Time?” was put,
then spoke, giving his views in opposition to the Bill.
The again spoke in Reply. Genl. Spoke,
spoke in opposition to the Bill, as it stands.
The replied in explination,— <​The Question Carried, and​> the Bill was read the 3rd time—
Bill passed by Vote, & Title to be.
An Ordinance regulating <​Concerning​> Marriages.—
<​x Comes in here. —​>
The Vice Mayor Assigned inhis resignation Fees as Councillor for the , in favor of the , until further Notice.—
Colr. Assigned his Fees as Colr. likewise.—
Assigned his Fees also.—
Assigned his Fees also.—
Assigned his Fees also
resign’d up his Fees for the past Year.—
Colr. resigned his Claim to pay as a City Colr up to this time, in favour of the Blind Inhabitants of the 4th. Ward of this , to be equally divided amongst them.— [p. 14]
Colr. moved a Resoln. that the Bill for fining the Members of the City Council for nonattendance, be, Repealed.—
The Question was put, “shall this Bill be rejected,” which Carried unanimously.
In the Resolu
The Vice Mayor spoke upon the Subject of Pay to the Colrs..—
Genl. rose to speak, & declined.—
spoke in favour of receiving Pay.—
Colr. spoke, <​& sd he thought​> that Pay shd be appropriated to the Poor.
spoke against Council receiving Pay.—
, wd. wish for Pay honorably, or be released as a Colr..
Genl. , spoke in favour of the Col. having Pay.—
does not wish it to be said that the Citizens are Poor.
The said there cannot be more than $500,00 raised on the Assesst.
said his theme was, & is, that we are Rich, & also spoke at consid[era]ble length.— The Vice Mayor declared his intention <​of speaking at length on this Subject at next Meeting. —​>
Adjourned until Six oClock Tomorrow Evg..— & to be considered as part of this Day. —
Council met agreeable to adjournment— opened by Prayer.
The vice Mayor arose, & waived his Right to Speak on the Subject of Taxn. at present, & reserved it for another Time.—
Colr. moved a Resoln. that the Monies resigned by the City Council, or any part of them, if not disposed of by themselves, become a poor Fund, to be appropriated hereafter for the benefit of the Poor of the City of . which was put to Vote, & Carried.—
Colr. resigned his pay as Colr., for the time past, & the present year, except any Fines which may be levied on him.
The Committee Reported on the Petn. for opening Bluff St, & brought in their Report, which was Accepted.—
The Vice Mayor moved, that Bluff Street be opened, which was Seconded, & upon Vote, it was Ordered to be opened <​from Mulholland St to Munson St.—​>
The Committee reported back the assesst., & <​recommended​> that it be recd., which was accepted, & the Assessment was Adopted upon Vote.
Amounting to $140,128, 00/100 Total.—
Colr. [p. 15]
presented a Petn. from & others to lay & open Water Street commencing at Stret running East to the Charter line.
Which was rejected upon Motion.—
A Bill for an Ordinance in Relation to the Registry of Deeds, and other Instruments of Writing, was presented, recd. the first & 2nd. Readings, The Col went into a Committee of the whole,— The Vice Mayor was called to <​& took​> the Chair,— & The took the Floor, & spoke to some length, in favour of the Bill.—
Colr. spoke at length in favour of the Bill.—
The again spoke in Support.—
The Vice Mayor spoke upon the Charter &c, (from the Chair) and occupied a considble length of Time.—
The spoke further upon the Subject, & Moved That the Committee Rise & Report, & they Reported in favour— of the Bill, which is to be read a third time at the next meeting of Council.—
The Names of the Col. were Called.
Adjourned to meet on the first Saturday in March next. [p. 16]


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