Minutes, 18 December 1841

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Saturday 18th. Decr. 1841.—
City Col. met purst. to adjournment.— Meet.g. opd by Prayer.— Minutes of last meeting Read.—
The presented an address Respecting Editor of the Weekly Herald.
Colr. J. Smith presented <​Two​> Resolns. relative to the foregoing address, which passed unanimously, by Yeas & Noes.—
— See said Resolutions on next Page. ☞
presented a Petn from & others to have a Street opened, which was Referred to a Committee of Colr. J. Smith, , & .— [p. [49]]
Colr J. Smith stated Circumstances respecting Mobocracy, which he had heard from <​a Person who had lately come from​> , & wished a Law made, that Persons, <​Notifying​> notifying any Persons <​to leave​> from their peaceable Homes, cd be dealt with rigorously.—
The addressed the Council, <​& related​> upon a Circumstance that <​which​> he stated to have had been, told to <​some Person​> respecting him, (the [)] & which Statement he declared to be false, & unfounded.—
Colr. addressed the relative to Seats for the City Council.—
Upon Motion of Colr. J. Smith, it was resolved that the first St South of the (Mulholland Street) be carried out to the extent of the .—
Adjourned until the first Saturday in Jany. next, to meet at the same Hour & place.—
[3 lines blank]
☞ Resolved by the City Col. of the City of , that the high minded & honorable Editor of the Weekly Herald— , Esq. is deserving of the lasting gratitude of this Community for his very liberal & unprejudiced Course towards us as a People in giving us a fair hearing in his Paper,— thus enabling us to reach the ears of a portion of the Community who, otherwise, would ever have remained ignorant of our Principles & Practises.
Resolved, that we recommend to our fellow Citizens to subscribe for the “ Weekly Herald,” & thus be found patronizing true Merit, Industry, & enterprise”
Yeas. Joseph Smith, , , , , , , , , , (Colrs.) , , , , , , (Aldmn.,) , (Mayor) 19. Nays — none.— [p. [50]]