Minutes, 19 March 1844

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Tuesday March 19th. 1844 Council met at 9 A.M and organized according to order after which the chairman presented , , , , , , , and for admission to membership.
The object of the council and its order was made known to these candidates by the chairman, who also gave many instructions on the privileges & blessings pertaining to the kingdom of God. On being called upon the candidates severally expressed their willingness and determination to abide by the regulation of the council, whereupon they were [p. [32]] unanimously admitted members of the kingdom and took their seats in order.
The Chairman continued his instructions on the order of the kingdom of God.
E[lde]r followed the chairman and said that the time was at hand when the prophecies should be fulfilled, when the nations were ready to embrace the gospel and when the ensign should be lift up and the standard to the people and he believed if we will set up the standard and raise the ensign the honest in heart of all nations will immediately begin to flock to the standard of our God.
On motion the Clerk read the two letters from for the benifit [p. [33]] of the new members. The name of the council was also read and unanimously accepted. after which Er addressed the council on the subject of the filfillment of the prophecies of Daniel showing that the time is at hand when the principles of eternal truth & righteousness shall prevail. He next took a view of the positions and prospects of the different nations of the earth. He referred especially to the , Ireland, Scotland, , Poland, Switzerland, &c. He concluded his remarks untill this afternoon and the council then adjourned an hour and a half. [p. [34]]
2 o clock P.M. Council met pursuant to adjournment and proceeded to business.
Er presented the following resolution for the consideration of the council— “Resolved that a “communication be made immediately to the General Government through our representative, , specifying that General Joseph Smith will protect the and from all foreign invasion if the General Government will authorise him to raise volunteers in the for that purpose”
On motion of the Resolution was laid on the table to be considered at a succeeding meeting. [p. [35]]
Er made some remarks on general subjects.
Er continued his remarks concerning the situation of the different nations of the earth showing that they were ripe to receive the truth and that it is our duty and privilege to put them in possession of it and we are willing to do it.
Elder commenced his remarks by expressing his gratitude for the privilege of addressing the Council under present circumstances. He read Genesis chap 10 and from that chapter entered into a lengthy address on the subject of the kingdom of God. He referred to the character of Nimrod and the kingdom he established and followed the course of the history of [p. [36]] the several kingdoms down to the days of Nebuchadnezar and then to the present day in which we live. He contrasted the forms of the government of the different nations with that which God design’d to establish as spoken of by the prophet Daniel. He particularly referred to the idea that the dominion of Japheth is extended over the whole earth and showed that it was destined to be transferred into the hands of Shem and his posterity.
Er followed . He gave a spirited view of the glorious prospects awaiting the people of God, and the certainty that God will establish his kingdom according to the predictions of Daniel. He expressed his utmost delight in the in the work of God and his determination to abide true and faithful. [p. [37]]
Er followed in the same strain with the preceeding speakers.
Er referred to some of the remarks of Er and then to the image spoken of by Daniel especially to the toes of the image, showing that <​as​> the Iron would not mix with the clay no more would the principles of eternal truth mix with the dogma’s of Sectarianism, nor the principles of the kingdom of God amalgamate with the injustice and oppression of the kingdoms of the world. He next referred to the prophecy of Isaiah where he says as soon as Zion travelled she brought forth her children and inasmuch as the kingdom of God is established it will roll and fill the whole earth [p. [38]]
After got through the council adjourned untill thursday morning next at 9 o clock
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On Monday the 11th. it was Resolved to draft a constitution which should be perfect, and embrace those principles which the constitution of the lacked, and on motion , and were appointed a committee to draft a constitution and present it to this council for their approval or disaproval. [5 lines blank] [p. [39]]