Minutes, 19 May 1842

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Thursday May 19th. 1842. One oClock P. M.
City Council met pursuant to special appointment, opened <​by Prayer​>
Reading of Minutes of last Meeting dispensed with until the next Meeting.— Names of the Council were called.
The produced & read the Resignation of s, <​resignation​> <​of the​> office of Mayor of this , which was <​unanimously​> Accepted
It was then agreed by <​vote of​> the Council, unanimously, that the take the Chair until the office of Mayor be filled. The then acted as Chairman, when the following Ballot took place,— For <​Lt Genl​> Joseph Smith Eighteen, & for Ald[erma]n. One.— Upon which <​Genl​> Joseph Smith was declared to be duly Elected Mayor of the City of , & he was thereupon Sworn into office, & took the Chair accordingly.
The following Ballot took place for the Election of a Vice Mayor, in the stead of Genl. Joseph Smith, elected Mayor, For Genl. 18.— For 1. For 1.— Upon which Genl. was declared duly Elected, & took the Oath of office.
The following Resolution was then passed.—
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the place of , as one of the City Councillors of this , be, & the same is hereby declared vacant, in Consequence of his becoming a nonresident of this .
May 19th. 1842.
, Recorder.
The following Ballot took place for the Election of
was elected <​a Member of the City​> Councillor Council of the City of in the place of , whose place had been declared vacant.
The following Ballot took place for the Election of a <​Member for the City​> Co[unci]l. in the place of Genl. J. Smith elected Mayor.
For 10.— For Robert Stone 4.
2— 2.
Whereupon was duly Elected, & declared so accordingly.
The [p. 28]
The following appointments were made upon Vote.
to the Committee of Claims, in place of, .
to— d[itt]o — of public Works,— do,— Joseph Smith.
to— do— of Municipal Laws, do.—— do——
to— do— of Ways & Means, do,— do
The following Resolution was passed, upon Motion of <​Colr. [Councilor]​> .
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that this Council tender a vote of Thanks to Genl. , for his great Zeal in having good & wholesome Laws adopted for the Government of this , & for the faithful discharge of his Duty while Mayor of the same.
passed May 19th. 1842.
,— Recorder.
The following Resoln. was passed upon Motion of Colr. .
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that a night Watch be <​& the same is hereby Ordered to be​> established in this , & that the number of Persons to Compose said Watch, & the Regulations & Duties connected therewith, be at the <​sole​> appointment and discretion of the Mayor.
passed May 19th. 1842.
The Committee of Claims brought in their Report upon the Petition of & o[the]rs, to have their Wages answer on their Taxes for the year 1841, the Report was Accepted, <​which was,​> that they do not Recommend the adoption of the Petition, & the <​Upon​> vote, the Petn. was rejected.
<​Gave Order this day.—​> The Certfe [certificate] of , for Surveying the Burying Ground, was presented, & referred to the Committee of Claims, who Reported, recommending that his Claim for Twenty four Dollars be allowed, which Report was adopted by a Resolution.—
Resolved by the City Col. &c., that the Military officers do make such Arrangements as they deem proper for the preservation of the Cannon of belonging to the Nauvoo Legion.—
Adjourned [p. 29]
Adjourned until the next regular Meeting, on the Second Saturday in June next.—
<​Joseph Smith, Mayor.​>
<​May 19th 1842.​>
<​, Recorder.​> [p. 30]