Minutes, 2 January 1836

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January 2d 1836
met in the Room agreeably to previous arrangement.
) Presidents
Names of Counsellors
arose and read the charge preferred against by bearing date Decr 29th 1835, and proceeded to make some very appropriate remarks touching the case now before them, after which the council was opened by prayer.
then arose and asked permission to speak. He then in the spirit of meekness and humility confessed the charges [p. 135] preferred against him <​by​> Elder and asked the forgiveness of the & and the whole congregation present, He also covenant to make confession before the the same as before this council.
The council on the side of justice arose and expressed their entire satisfaction with his confession and resigned him into the hands of Mercy. A vote was then called of the council and congregation to raise hands if their they were satisfied with his confession, which they did with apparent cheerfulness & with united consent.
President J. Smith Junr. then proposed that & be ordained to the office of in the church of the Latter-Day-Saints on Sunday the 3d Inst. in the public congregation. A Vote was called & carried to that effect.
arose & confessed the charges that were preferred against him by President J Smith Junr. in a former council. A vote was called and carried in his favor and be restored to fellowship in the Church. Voted that be ordained to the office of an Elder
Council adjourned by Prayer
, Clerk [p. 136]


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    JS’s journal notes that “before entering on the trial, Br. William arose and humbly confessed.” Perhaps owing to this proactive confession, the high council may not have gone through with a formal trial—which according to established protocol should have included comments from members of the council assigned to “prevent insult or injustice” to the accused and from other high council members assigned to see that justice was done on behalf of the church. (JS, Journal, 2 Jan. 1836; Revised Minutes, 18–19 Feb. 1834 [D&C 102:15].)  

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    According to JS’s journal entry for 3 January 1836, William confessed to a larger body of Saints at a worship service the following day and was subsequently “received into fellowship again.” William’s confession, as well as his return to full fellowship with the Saints, lifted an onerous burden from the shoulders of JS. At the conclusion to his journal entry, he added, “This day has been a day of rejoicing to me, the cloud that has been hanging over us has burst with blessings on our heads . . . , and I thank my heavenly father for, the union and harmony which now prevails in the Church.” (JS, Journal, 3 Jan. 1836.)  

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    See Minutes, 28 Dec. 1835.