Minutes, 2 July 1844

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July 2d 1844 6 oclock P M
Special Session
Alderman — was elected Presidint Pro tem.—
Prayer by
Spec[i]al businss of the council cal[l]ed for by vote <​spoke​> I take <​took​> the liberty of calling this Council for the purpose of setting before them the state of the people. & the Legion for the purpose of Securing Means, as provision are Scarce indeed. and as there is some murmuring amongst the Soldiers for some of them only can get one meal in a day or two days and in such a state of things it will not last long for if a man has the spirit of a soldier it will rise and of course they will take where they can get— therefore I thought it was best to send some people to the Territory & for there we can get plenty of provision as will put us pu over till the harvest.
<​x​> .
. said that they had a few acres of wheat which would soon be ready if peace was obtained and he calculated to bring it here to supply the inhabitants
<​x​> . all donations given into the should go to the Bishops for the support of the poor for we are commanded to look after the poor— and what is obtained by loan should go to the support of the Legion—
The Legion was called together to take measures for the sustenance of the poor till the Twelve come. Motioned. seconded & Carried that the high council be a commitee to collect means to provide for the support of the poor, for the present. Motioned secd & carried that the inhabitants sustain them in this calling and give them all information in their power— this was carr[i]ed unanimoously— [p. 35]
Moved & Seconded <​& carried​> that Chas Patton & Wm H. Jordan <​& L. S. Dalrympl [Lewis S. Delrimple]​> go to & L. S. Dalrymple were appointed commitee for
Moved & carried. that & D. M. Repsher & Cap[t] Ross. be appointed commitee for the North
Noved [Moved] & carried that Benjiman [Benjamin] Clapp go to the east & also Bro . were appointed commitee for th[e] <​ea[st]​>
Moved & Carried that a Commitee be appointed to negoci[ate] to get means for the present emergency of the army <​moved & carried​> that . . & Wm A. Gean [William A. Gheen]. be the Commitee
. as for myself I think it would to look after the provision as there are many poor people in thi[s] besides the soldiers—
. I think it would be necessary to give these some instructions how to get provisions whethe[r] by contribution or any other way or by loan. I know there are more people more so in want than many of the soldie[rs] out in my part east
. I would like to know if it is for the poor or for the Legion entirely that the provision[s] is for. I am aware & have a knowledge that there is a great many in want, besides the Legion, & they would require something to keep them, or else they will have to leave the plac[e]
. that when these men go for the provi[sions] that they go through the hands of the city council, o[r] the Marshall or . & then to the officers of the different Regits. to distribute amongs[t] their men so that there might be no murmuring amongst them. as there is prospects of peace now let some of the people go to harvest, for it will open up a Communication amongst the inhabitants round about so that they might be enabled to support themselves [p. 36]
. I concur with Bro in what he has stated. notwithstanding that many of the Legion. especially the artillery. said they had no means at present to obtain any provisions. I thought it was the duty of the Bishops to look after the poor and endeavor by all means to get some— little for them.
Moved & carried that the council adjourn [p. 37]


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