Minutes, 20 February 1834

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, 20 Feb’y. 1834.
met this evening accord[i]ng to appointment to determine concerning the going out to preach &c. The presidnet opened the council by prayer.—
At a church meeting held in Pennsylvania, Erie Co. and by & , ; Some of the members of that refused to partak[e] of the because the Elder administering it did not observe the words of wisdom to obey them. argued that they were justified in so doing because the Elder was in transgression. argued that the Church was bound to receive the supper under the administration of an Elder so long as he retained his office, or . Voted that six counsellors should speak upon the subject, or case.
The Council then proceeded to try the question, whether disobedience to the word of wisdom was a transgression sufficient to deprive an official member from holding [p. 39] an office in the church, after haveing it sufficiently taught him. , , , , and were called to speak upon the case then before the . After the had spoken, the President proceeded to give a decision: “That no official member in this church is worthy to hold an office after haveing the words of wisdom properly taught to him, and he, the official member, neglecting to comply with, or obey them;[”] after which the Counsellors voted according to the same.
The president then asked if there were any present who would go to and preach the gospel to that people; for they have written, said he, a number of letters for help; and the whole council felt as though the Spirit required brethren to go there. It was, therefore, decided by the Council that and should travel together into , and also that and travel together into . It was also decided that and travel together if they can arrange their affairs at home so as to be liberated. It was also decided that Bro. should travel eastward as soon as his circumstances will permit, and that he should travel alone on account of his age. It was also decided that bro. should travel alone whenever he travels. Bro’s. & travel east together as soon as they can. The council also decided that bro. should travel alone, it being his own choice. Decided also, that and Edmund Marvin should travel together eastward. Also that and go to . Also that bro’s. and travel together for the time being, and that there should be a general held in in the State of Maine on the 13 day of [p. 40] June 1834. It was furthermore voted that bro. , accompanied by bro. , go east to obtain donations for , and means to redeem the on which the stands. The Church and then prayed with uplifted hands that they might be prospered in their Mission. Conference adjourned after the usual form
by Order of the Conference
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    The appointment of six council members (the maximum number that could be selected) was warranted only for the most difficult cases. (Revised Minutes, 18–19 Feb. 1834 [D&C 102:14].)  

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    Granger had turned forty years old on 7 February 1834.