Minutes, 20 November 1841

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Saturday 20th. Novr. 1841.—
Council met pursuant to adjournment, Meeting opened by Prayer.— Minutes of last meeting Read.
presented a Bill of Fees from the City Surveyor, but it was not acted upon, as there was not any Name attached to it.
moved an Ordce. concerning Fire Arms, Parties litigant, & Witnesses
[8 lines blank]
moved for an amendt of the 1st. Section by erasing the Words nor less than five Dollars.—
sd he thought there shd be a provision for People in Self defence .—
thought that it shd be amended to give all persons privilege of Self defence.—
Amendment Carried.—
moved to amend the 1st Section by striking out the Term officers, & insert the Word Man, & spoke in support of the amendment.—
spoke in opposition to the Bill as it stood,
withdrew the amendment, & moved an amendt. in the Words “or any other Person in the lawful defence of his [p. 41] his Person or Property.[”]
spoke at length in opposn. to the Bill.— & wished every Person to have equal Rights.—
The spoke in support of the Bill, & made a Comparison between it & the lik an Ord[inan]ce to the same effect, in , & other Cities, & spoke to some length.— & said it might be amended by inserting the Words, “idly, or for sport or amusement”
, spoke in explination.—
moved, & it was seconded & Carried, that the words “idly or for sport or amusement”, be inserted in the Bill.—
wished the Bill read for the benefit of the Col. who came in late.—
said as they <​some of the Col.​> came in after the appointed time, they must abide the disadvantages.—
The spoke in explination of all the <​the 2nd & 3rd.​> Sections in the Bill.—
<​said that the Bill be Engrossed as it s​> could not vote for the <​2nd Clause in the​> Bill as it now stands in as much as there is no limitation as to time.— & he dont Co <​know​> to what extent <​in Amount​> it might go extend.
spoke, & wished an amendt, that each Person <​be fined not exceeding Ten Dollars, & strike out the time.—​>
said the Court for <​can​> Fine sufficiently for Contempt of Ct, & that this Clause is not necessary—
said he wished the Fine to be assessed as it now stands, & wd encrease the Sum, that it shall not exceed Ten Dollars an Hour.—
said he did not Conceive this <​Clause of the​> Ordce necessary.— [p. 42]
moved an Amendt that the Clause be amended by making the Fine a Dollar for every Hour while the Trial Continues.— objected, in as much as the Trial cd. be adjourned, & might continue for Ten Days.—
Bill referred to a Select Committee, to Report at next meeting.— <​Committee​> , & .—
moved that <​it be the duty of​> the Recorder to keep a detached file of all <​City Ordinances for the benefit of the City Council.—​>
spoke in opposn..—
wished the Resoln. to pass.—
The obtd. liberty to speak, & explained the manner in which he <​inteded to keep the City Records:​>
Colr. gave his Views, & considers an Index sufficient, withdrew his Motion.—
The explained the Duties of the Mayor & Aldermen & in Criminal & Civil Cases, as well as in their different Capacities of Justices, & Judges.—
Adjourned to 6 oC. on Saturday 27th. Novr. at same Place.—
Novr. 20th. 1841.— [p. 43]