Minutes, 21 May 1841, Draft

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May 21st. 1841— special meeting of The City Council of the City of .
The stated the object of the meeting
spoke on the subject of the streets leading into the State road—
Councilor Smith Moved that Parley Street be the street which should be improvd to meet the state road.— Seconded
Carried unanimosly—
moved that the vote allowing <​exempting​> the citizens of the 3rd ward <​from​> not to work<​ing​> <​until Sep.—​> be recinded— carried
Moved <​& seconded​> that this council adjourn Sine die— carried —
, Clerk, pro tem [p. [1]]
Minuts of the meeting of the City Council
May 22. 1841
May 21st 1841.—
Special Meeting of City Council Respecting Streets [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Robert B. Thompson.  

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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.