Minutes, 22 February 1841

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Monday [22][n]d. Feb.y. 1841.
City Col met purst to adjt, & adjourned pursuant to vote, to the office at s.—
presented a Petn to have Kimballs tract Surveyed in City Platt— Moved by that it be referred to a Committee, to report at next meeting.— spoke.—
Colr J. Smith moved that <​last​> motion be withdrawn & Petn proceeded on,— Colr spoke to some effect.
withdrew his Motion.—
Moved that Petn be laid on Table,— <​secdd​> & Carried—
Colr J. Smith applied to know if Report on City ordinances wd be in order, & being answered by the that it was,
, read that part of City ordinances, as relates to the City officers, viz Recorder, & Treasurer, Assessor, Marshall, Supervisor, Inspector of Weights & Measures, &c..
Bill read first time.
Colr J. Smith moved a resln. that the freedom of the be Conferred on the present , Lieut— Govr, Col. of Revision & Members Secdd of both Houses of the Genl Assembly of <​the​> State of , Seconded, & Carried.—
Colr J. Smith moved an ordinance in Relation to the University Seconded, & passed.—
<​ moved​> An Ordinance to amend an Ordce <​entitled an ordce on Temperance of 14th <​15th.​> feby 1841.​> as to Licence, being obtd for liberty to Sell Spirituous, & <​or​> Vinous, Liquors.—
Read first time,— Recd 2nd Reading,— spoke in support of ordinance.—
Colr J. Smith said he his views were somewhat different, & thinks the former ordinance sufficient.
spoke against the Bill, & against granting any Licence,
spoke against making any other Law than what has been already made on this Subject.
explained.— Colr J. Smith again spoke.
moved to go into a Committee of the whole, & Carried, & was called to the Chair, & the then spoke in explination of his views of the intention of the Bill,
said if this Bill passed, it wd be in Contradiction to the former Bill, & spoke at length.
, said former Bill prohibits Licence entirely, & spoke in accordance with s views. [p. [6]]
The again spoke in expln., & that he is satisfied with the former ordinance.
Colr J. Smith spoke in strong terms, in opposition to the Bill.
moved that Committee rise & Report.
explained.— B On vote whether Bill be ordered to a third reading, the Bill was lost.—
Bill, /as to 1st Division,/ relating to the City Wards, Read a third time, & passed.—
Bill /2nd Division,— Streets & Bridges/ Read a second time by the Title.— Moved that Bill be <​again​> referred to the former Committee,— Seconded, & Carried.—
Colr J. Smith moved that Petn of <​ & others Respecting​> be allowed, respecting the laying out of <​ addition to ​> City Platts,— Seconded, Also moved, that all after the Word “resolved” be struck out, & that it be amended by adding the Words
[2 lines blank]
spoke,— spoke,— said he thought the survey should be at the expence of the <​Petr &c​> Proprietors.
Colr J. Smith said it wd enhance value of Lots, & they Citizens on the Lands shd pay it.—
Petition was amended.— & Resolution Read.— & Carried. <​viz​>*
<​*Resolved by the City Col of the City of that the Citizens of Kimballs addition to be, and they hereby are, permitted to extend the survey of the original plat over said Addition, provided that no survey shall ever be made therein, which does not Conform to the City Plat of .​>
Colr J. Smith read a Resoln relative to the <​​> road leading from to the late Town of .
spoke.— spoke.— spoke for an Amendment, that all & Roads lying within the limits of this , be vacated.
spoke— spoke, — Colr J: Smith spoke,
again spoke— spoke, — also spoke.— explained.— Colr J. Smith gave further Ideas.— Colr proposed an amendment Amendment Carried,— Colr J. Smith again spoke,— Colr spoke further.— Colr J: Smith replied.— explained.— ColrJ. Smith explained.— spoke.— gave explinations respecting the power and manner of changing Roads.—
M Carried, to strike out original Resln.
Moved Seconded & Carried that Resln be laid on the Table [p. 7]
Adjourned to this day Week, at this place, at 1 oC.—
Monday 22nd. February 1841.—
, M[a]yor. [p. 8]


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