Minutes, 22 January 1842

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Saturday Jany. 22nd. 1842.—
City Col. met purst. to adjournt.,— Meeting opened by Prayer, Minutes of last meeting Read.—
The presented a Message <​or Communication to the City Col.​>, containing sevl. Rules & regulations for the City Col., embracing the Order of proceedg. in Col., the Rights & priviledges of the Members, & duties of <​the officers &c.,​> which was Read, The s Message <​was​> referred to the Committee <​on​> of Municipal Laws
The Committee to whom a Petn. was refd, respecting a Street <​which Colr.​> <​Petd. for, &​> wished to be opd, brought in their Report, which was red., & the Petn. Granted, by allowing Harris St. to be opened from the , running East till near Mr. Baties West Line, thence South one Block, thence East to the East Line of Mr. Moffitts Farm, thence South two Blocks to the North Line of s Farm, thence East to <​the​> Eastern bounds of the .—
The Committee to whom <​was referred the Petn for the opening a St. running on the South Side​> of the , between Hibbard & Doil from the East to the limits of the , Report, & Recommend that the St. 7 <​rods​> North which has been surveyed, shd be opened, in preference, as it is on the best Ground, it wd save a Consid[era]ble expence to vary a little where it is now laid from the Creek by Caspers East, also to extend no further West at this time than the first Street East of Warsaw Street. The report was received, & , , , , <​&​> , spoke in debate upon this Report, & same was adopted as it Originally stood, as above.—
The Committee on the Petn. for the opening of [blank] Back St. from Mulholland St. to Munson St., Report, that they examined concerning the practicability of opening sd Street, & believe it wd be for the Interest of the Citizens on sd. St., & for the convenience of the Inhabitants Generally.— The Report Was received. & Colr. [p. 8] , , <​&​> spoke in discussion, upon this Report, & same was adopted as brought forward.—
Genl. Joseph Smith brought forwd the Report of the Committee of Ways & Means, Who Reported that a Complete Plot of the be procured for the use of the City Council,— which Report was Recd, & adopted.—
The presented an Ordce for fixing the Compensation of the City Col, & for other purposes,— which Recd first Reading.— Recd <​2nd​> Reeading.— & Carried by Vote, that it be Engrossed.—
Col. spoke in Support of the Bill.
The spoke in expln of the Views with which he prepared <​the Bill.​>
moved an Amendt., to strike out the words second Satdy. in each Month, & insert the first Monday in each Quarter, commencing on the first Monday in March next.— Which Amendt was lost on Vote.—
The Bill was Ordered to be Engrossed.— was Read a 3rd time, & passed by the above Title.—
The following were this Day appd. to be the Committee of Ways & Means.
Gl. Joseph Smith 4th Ward) 2nd. Ward.
3rd Ward) 1st. Ward.
The Committee on the Mayors Commun., brought in their Report, which was discussed, so far as respects amendts<​or alterations​> made by <​them, &​> <​the​> Report of Committee <​was​> Accepted,— and Adopted by Vote of Ayes & Noes.—
The following is the Mayors Commn., above mentd..—
Mayors Office &c. (see same in Times & Seasons of Feby. 1st.)
The Assessor brought in his Book, <​of assessment, of the Property of the Citizens,​> as a Report, which was Referred to the Committee of Ways & Means, who appd. to meet at the Col. Room on Thursday next, to investigate the Assessment, & ascertain the expences of the for the Current Year, &c..—
The s Message as amended <​& Reported upon, was​> Ordered to be published in the Times & Seasons, & 30 Extra Copies to be got for the use of the Council.—
Genl. Joseph Smith was Elected vice Mayor.— by Ballot.— Viz
For (Genl. J. Smith— 18) — 1
(— 1) — 1
[p. 9]
It was unanimously adopted, That——Genl to be allowed One Dollar per day for the use of <​the Room & Fuel & Candles​> <​for twelve Days, amounting to Twelve Dollars.—​>
Genl. Joseph Smith Sworn in Vice Mayor of the .—
The then announced the Standing Committees.—
presented an Ordinance in Relation to Dogs, which was Rejected.—
The was instructed to make out a list of Expences, granted by the City Col., & have same ready for the use of the Committee of Ways & Means, on Thursday next.—
Adjourned to meet on the 2nd. Saturday in Feby. next, same place [p. 10]