Minutes, 22 June 1842

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Wednesday Evg., 6 oC. June 22nd. 1842.
City Council met pursuant to special appointed appointment.
<​General took the Chair, & called the meeting to order.​>
Meeting opened by Prayer.— Names of the Council Called.
Minutes of the last Meeting read and approved.
presented a Petition to have Two Dollars and fifty-five Cents granted to him for his Services for 1842, to satisfy his City Tax of 1841. which Petition was Ordered to be laid upon the Table.
A Bill was presented by , which went through the usual Proceedings, <​the rules being dispensed with,​> and passed Unanimously,— Title as follows,— to wit, “An Ordinance repealing all Ordinances, Laws and Resolutions, relative to the changing of the Names of Streets.”
Adjourned until the second Saturday in July next.—
June 22nd. 1842
, Recorder. [p. 32]