Minutes, 23 August 1834

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On the 23d of August 1834 a convened for the purpose of hearing the resolution designed for the Star which were to be drawn up by brethren , and on the subject of the difficulty existing between brother J. Smith Junr. and . Brother presided in consequence of the ill health of brother
After prayer the conference proceeded to business. The read [p. 54] the resolutions, after making a short Stat[e]ment of the proceedings of the council on the 11th. which was sanctioned by vote. The preamble and resolutions were adopted and ordered to be printed. objected against abiding by the decision of the former council, and proceeded to Justify himself in his former conduct, after which, and much discussion the following resolution was offered by the and passed by unanimous vote. Resolved that in consequence of the stand our brother has taken against the former decision of this council, that we judge him guilty of a misdemeanor unbecoming a man in his high station, and except a humble confession be made, to this , he stands rebuked and disqualified to act further in his office in the , until he make proper satisfaction, or till a trial before the assisted by twelve high priests can be had. Carried by unanimous vote.
Prayer by brother .
Clerk of council) [p. 55]


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  3. 3

    According to a November 1831 revelation, the bishop was authorized to “to sit in Judgement upon transgressors” with the “assistance of his councillors whom he hath chosen or will choose among the Elders of the church.” (Revelation, 11 Nov. 1831–B [D&C 107:72].)