Minutes, 23 June 1833

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Bro case was called in question this day befor a general and upon the testimony of Bro Gee of , who testified that Bro said that he had deceived Joseph Smith’s God, or the Spirit by which he is actuated &c &c The council proceeded to cut him off from the Church; There was also corrobberating testimony brought against him by Bro. Hodges 23 June 1833—— [p. 22]


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    Probably Salmon Gee, who had been appointed to preside over the church in Thompson in February. (Letter to the Church in Thompson, OH, 6 Feb. 1833.)  

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    Probably Curtis Hodges Sr., a resident of Girard Township, Pennsylvania. Mormon missionaries in Pennsylvania stayed at Hodges’s home several times in 1833, and Hurlbut may have been among them. (Hyrum Smith, Diary, 4 and 5 Apr. 1833, [12]–[13]; Coltrin, Diary and Notebook, 4 Apr. 1833.)  

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