Minutes, 23 May 1836

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May 23d 1836
The case of Azahel [Asahel] Perry was presented by as complainant.
To the of the I prefer a charge of unchristian like conduct against Azahel Perry and
your obt servant Clerk of said Church [p. 208]
decided as follows in the case of Azahel Perry that he cut off from the concurred in the decision.
The case of was presented by Joseph Smith Junr was called to the stand to testify. and stated that accosted him in the street respecting the money. I said if the money could not be found or an account of it I would pay it. He met me in the street and wished me to pay it as the boy said.
Motioned and voted that we proceed to trial on the case of although he is not present, yet has been duly notified. It was testified by that said did treat this society with contempt then rose and decided that shall be excluded from this church and the council concurred in it.
Clerk [p. 209]