Minutes, 23 October 1841

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Saturday 23rd. October 1841.—
City Col met purst. to adjournment
Meeting opened by Prayer— Minutes of last Meeting Read, and discussed & amended.
Colr J. Smith moved <​a resolution​> that a certain House near the & other Old Houses on Kimbles Ground, be deemed a Nuisances,
reported for <​& on the part of​> the Committee on the Petn of Jacob G. Bigler & others, dated 3rd Sept 1841, for opening a Street. Petn. Granted, & route continued South to Mulholland Street.—
The Committee apptd to view the Ground to open a St. or Streets near the Lot, brought in their Report
The spoke as to the propriety of Continuing the route on Mulholland St..
Col J. Smith spoke as in approbation of putting route on the best & nearest Ground.
Colr J. Smith moved that report of Committee be amended.— Seconded, so as to go upon the best Ground.—
Colr. J. Smith withdrew his Motion.
moved, that Report of Committee be rejected.—
spoke in support of Report & that Street be opened so as to <​not​> go through Speers Field <​but round it,​> & meet the Prairie, & wishes Mulholland St. <​to be opened​> entirely through the Fields.
The gave explinations, & pointed out the distinction between opening Streets, & Working upon them at the expence of the .
withdrew his Motion, & Colr J. Smiths Motion reinstated.— then Continued his [p. 25] his Remarks, & Contended for the opening of the streets,
Colr. J. Smith’s amendment Carried.
Colr. spoke
The Report of the Committee as amended, was adopted.—
Moved Secd & carried, that Street East of Warsaw St in between Mulholland & Parley Sts., be opened.—
moved, & it was Seconded & Carried——
that the St. East <​West​> of Winchesters, between Parley St. & Mulholland St. be opened.— & Continued North to Young St..—
Chairman <​one​> of <​the​> Committee on Burying Ground, rose to Report, & explained what they had done, & applied for time to Report fully.
Seconded, & time granted until next Sitting of Col.
Col J. Smith rose & spoke as to Nuisances, <​by Houses,​> & Dogs.
Colr. , wishes Houses demolished, Old Houses, & the Groggery upon the Hill, near the .
, supported the removal or demolishing of all Nuisances.
spoke, & wished owners to have notice to remove <​Houses.—​>
Colr. J. Smith spoke in addition to what he before said.—
The spoke at Considerable length respecting Nuisances & infringing upon the Laws, by Selling Spiritous Liquors
Resolution adopted, that the House on the Hill be removed by Monday Night, & the other Houses in a Week from this [p. 26] <​this day, viz the House wherein Mrs Huntington Died, the House next to it on the North Side, & the House wherein the Family of Fisk Died,— ​> this Day, & that all vicious Dogs are delared a Nuisance, & Colr. J. Smith <​is​> appointed to destroy them see that they be destroyed.— also to see that all other Nuisances be removed.—
Moved, Seconded, & Carried, that ’s Resignation be as High Constable of the , & <​declining to accept of the office​> of City Marshall, be accepted.
, appointed City Marshall, <​ad interim,​> & was Sworn accordingly.—
Lewis Robinson [Robison] appointed High Constable of the 3rd. Ward.— in place of resigned.—
appointed High Constable <​of the 4th. Ward​> instead of <​who has​> resigned.
Moved & seconded that & be Aldermen, added to the City Council, which was unanimously adopted.—
Moved & Secd that 4 Colrs. be added to City Col, namely,
which was Carried Unanimously.—
Adjourned to Saturday next at One oClock, at same place.
23rd. October 1841— [p. 27]