Minutes, 25 February 1843

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Saturday february 25th. 1843, adjourned Meeting, ten oClock A. M
The City Council met,— meeting opened by prayer,— The Mayor presided names of the Council called.— minutes of two last meetings read & approved.
The Bond of the was approved, & the instructed to lodge it with the .
The ordinance in relation to interments was ordered to be further amended, by striking out the part thereof which granted pay for <​keeping a record &​> making a return of interments for publication
The [p. 8]
The Committee of Municipal laws presented a Bill which went through the usual Readings, & passed into an ordinance, entitled, “An Ordinance in relation to the duties of City Attorney.”
The Committee of Municipal laws presented a Bill concerning a market, which received the usual readings, during the progress of discussion, the Ayes & Noes were taken to ascertain whether the market house (when erected,) should be leased for five years, or three years, the Yeas were 7, <​to wit, , , , , , , & ,​> for the term of five years, & the Nays two, <​to wit, , & ​> so that the blank was filled up for that term. the Bill passed, entitled, “An Ordinance concerning a market on Main Street.”
presented his resignation of the Office of Alderman, & stated that his name was used, & he was elected without his knowledge, upon which the resignation was received, & accepted.
Genl. was elected by the City Council &c., an Alderman of this , to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of .
Adjourned for forty minutes, for Dinner.
the <​city​> Recorder, took the Oath of office, administered by .—
The following named persons were sworn to the office hereafter mentioned, “to wit,” Marshal.— also as Market Master,— , , & Lewis Robison, Constables,— Weigher & Sealer.— , Coroner.— by the .
The Committee on finance, brought in a Bill for regulating the Currency, which was read the first time, & ordered to a second reading, & while under discussion, the Council Adjourned until ten oClock A.M. on Saturday next. [p. 9]