Minutes, 25 October 1842

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Tuesday 25th. October 1842, (6 oC. P. M.)
The Council met by special appointment, names of the Council were called, meeting opened by Prayer, minutes of all meetings since the 26th Septr. last, were read and approved of.— Col. was elected president pro tem.
A Bill was presented, to regulate the duties and Fees of Notary Public, which was referred to the Committee of Municipal Laws.—
A Bill was presented by respecting absent Members, which after discussion was referred to a select Committee, to wit, , , & .
A Bill was presented respecting Carrion, which went through the usual Readings, & was amended, & passed, entitled [p. 43] entitled, “An Ordinance respecting Carrion”.
The Bill respecting absent Members, was reported upon, & after discussion & amendment went through the usual readings, & passed, entitled, “An Ordinance respecting absent Members”.
A Bill was presented concerning publick Revenue of the City of , which underwent considerable discussion, & eventually was referred to a select Committee to wit, , Colrs & , , & Colr. , & the instructed to attend.—
gave notice of his not rendering services <​any​> longer, Gratus
Adjourned until Monday next at 6 oClock P.M., & the to notify the Colrs now absent, of same. [p. 44]