Minutes, 26 November 1842

Document Transcript

Saturday Novr. 26th. 1842. Ten oClock A. M.—
City Council met pursuant to adjournment.— meeting opened by Prayer.— names of Council were called.— minutes of the two last Meetings were read & approved.
The Petition of & others to have a Law enacted to prevent Nuisances, was referred to the Committee of Municipal Laws, who reported a Bill, which after discussion & amendment became an Ordinance, entitled, “An Ordinance regulating the erection & removal of Slaughter Houses within the City of ”.
The Council then proceeded <​by Ballot​> to elect Assessors & Collectors for the several Wards of the City, & the following was the Result.— for continuation, See next Book.— [p. 48]
1842.— Continued from last Book— November 26th..
John S. Higby [Higbee] was elected for the first Ward, for the second Ward, for the third Ward, and for the fourth Ward, all by an unanimous Vote, and there appeared one Ticket for John A. Forgeus for the 4th. Ward, this election is for the Asst of 1842.—
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the Seal to be procured for the Municipal Court of this , shall consist of a circle, including the words, “Municipal Court.— City of Nauvoo.” within which is to be a Book circled with rays, on which is to be inscribed the words “Constitution and Charter”.
Adjourned until next regular Meeting. [p. 1]