Minutes, 26 September 1835

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Ohio Sept. 26th 1835
The council of the Presidency of the . consisting of Joseph Smith Junr , , , , & met to take into consideration, the case of the who had been previously reproved in consequence of certain letters and reports coming to the ears of the council.
First: The items contained in ’s letter in connexion with certain other reports derogatory to the character and teaching of the twelve, were taken up From the testimony of several witnesses (the twelve) it was proven before the council that said complaints originated in the minds of persons whose minds were dark[e]ned in consequence of covetousness or some other cause other than the spirit of truth.
Secondly: An item contained in Elder ’s letter to his wife expressing dissatisfaction with ’s school. Elder was also designated with , or blamed with him in the matter:
In the same they were found to be in the fault, which they frankly confessed and were forgiven. [p. 119]


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    The 4 August 1835 letter also concluded that “as far as we [the council] can learn from the churches through which you have traveled, . . . you have set yourselves up as an independant counsel subject to no authority of the church–a kind of out laws.” (Letter to Quorum of the Twelve, 4 Aug. 1835.)  

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    For more information about the school, see Historical Introduction to Letter to Quorum of the Twelve, 4 Aug. 1835. The letter may have been one McLellin wrote to his wife, Emeline Miller McLellin, on 4 July 1835. An “Elder Wood” carried that letter to Kirtland and may have informed church leaders of its contents. (McLellin, Journal, 4 July 1835.)  

    McLellin, William E. Journal, May–Sept. 1835. William E. McLellin, Papers, 1831–1836, 1877–1878. CHL. MS 13538, box 1, fd. 5. Also available as Jan Shipps and John W. Welch, eds., The Journals of William E. McLellin, 1831–1836 (Provo, UT: BYU Studies; Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1994).