Minutes, 27 June 1840

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June 27th 1840. The of the of Illinois met in Council at the office of J. Smith jr
1 Resolved That the minutes of the last Council be always read at the beginning of the next, by the Clerk, that the chain of buisness may be more easily come at and error in the Records detected.
2. stated to the— Council [p. 63] that he was authorized to inform them that President Joseph Smith jr had vetoed the proceedings of the Council in relation to the memmorial on the 20th of June—
3 On motion Resolved that it be laid over, for a rehearing, till Friday next (July 3) at 1 o’clock P. M. Adjourned—
Clerk pro tem [p. 64]


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    This recommendation complied with proper parliamentary procedure at the time, as practiced by the United States Senate and House of Representatives. The first rule of both houses of Congress was that the previous day’s journal should be read at the beginning of each meeting so that corrections could be made. (Manual of Parliamentary Practice, 149, 162.)  

    A Manual of Parliamentary Practice, Composed Originally for the Use of the Senate of the United States by Thomas Jefferson . . . to Which Are Added the Rules and Orders of Both Houses of Congress. Philadelphia: Hogan and Thompson, 1834.