Minutes, 27 November 1841

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Saturday 27th. Novr. 1841
City Col. met pursuant to adjournment
Meeting opened by Prayer— Minutes of last meeting Read.
Colr. presented a Petn. <​or Certificate​> from the City Surveyor for a Sum of $6,50 for Surveyors Fees, which was allowed, for Surveying the first Street South of Lumber Street.—
Colr. presented the Report of the Committee Upon An ordce concerning fire Arms, Parties Litigant, & Witnesses, Viz
<​Sec 1st— Be it ordained by the City Col of the City of that if any Person will fire or Shoot a Gun Pistol, or other Fire Arms, (Idly or for sport or amusement,) in the Night or on Sunday, the Person so doing shall forfeit & pay a fine not exceeding fifty Dollars, Provided that nothing herein Contained shall be Construed to effect any officer of this , for firing or shooting as aforesaid while in the Execution of his duty. Sec 2nd. that if any Person shall prosecute another before the authorities of this City (in a Criminal case)​> [p. 43] <​case) & fail to procure a Conviction said Person shall be taxed with the Costs of Suit if said authorities shall consider it a malic[io]us prosecution, if not, the shall be liable for the Costs thereof. The 3rd. Sec respecting Witnesses we deem unneces[sary] as we consider the Law already on that Subject, Sufficient.— This Report recd, & the tw[o] Sections of the ordinance passed unanimously.—​>
Colr Joseph Smith presented An ordinance in Relation to Pedlers Hawkers [5 lines blank] which was Seconded, Rules dispensed with, read a 3rd. time, & passed unanimously.—
Moved Seconded & Carried Unanimously that the be authorized by the City Council to procure Seats for the use of sd Council
The informed the Aldermen last appointed, that they are to act in, & Represent, the Respective Wards wherein they reside. <​Resolved Unanimously that a majority of the entire City Col. be considered requisite, & deemed sufficient <​necessary​>, to transact business in Counci[l] from time to time hereafter.—​>
Adjd until after the Meeting of the Regency of the University this Evening.—
Col. met again accordingly, when it was unanimously adopted that the Authorities of this be authorized to use a discretionary power in sending to a distance, for Persons, at the expence of the , in order to ferret out the perpetrators of Crime, or any secret Combination against the Peace of Society.
Adjd. to 6 oC. next Satd.y. Ev.g., at same place.— [p. 44]