Minutes, 28 June 1838

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For the Elders Journal—
A conference meeting of Elders, and members, of the church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, was held in this place, this day, for the purpose of organziing this stake of Zion, called . The meeting convened at 10 o’clock A. M. in the grove near the house of elder . President Joseph Smith Jr. was called. to the chair, who explained the object [p. 60] of the meeting, which was to organize a Presidency, and High Council, to preside over this stake of Zion, and attend to the affairs of the church in . It was then motioned, seconded and carried, by the unanimous voice of the assembly, that Pr’s , should act as President of the stake of . was unanimously chosen 1st and 2nd counsellors. After prayer, the Presidents proceded to the ordination of as 2nd assistant counsellor. was then chosen acting Bishop pro tempore by the unanimous voice of the assembly. President , then proceded to organize the high council. The counsellors were chosen according to the following order, by a unanimous vote. John Lemon 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Daniel Carter 4th, Isaac Perry 5th, 6th, Alanson Brown 7th, Thomas Gordon 8th, 9th, 10th, Harvey Olmstead [Olmsted] 11th, 12th.
After the ordination of the counsellors, who had not previously been ordained to the high priesthood. President J. Smith Jr. made remarks by way of charge to the Presidents and counsellors, instructing them in the duty of their callings, and the responsibility of their stations; exhorting them to be cautious and deliberate, in all their councils, and to be careful to act in righteousness in all things. President , and , then made some remarks. was unanimously chosen clerk of this council and stake; and after singing the well known hymn Adam-ondi-ahman, the meeting closed by prayer by , and a benediction by Pres. J. Smith Jr.
Daviess Co. June 28 1838.)
J. SMITH Jr. Chairman.
) Clerks,
Isaac Perry.)
[p. 61]