Minutes, 29 April 1844

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Monday April 29th 1844.— Special Session called by the Mayor
3 oclock P. M. members called no quorum.
1/2 past 3 a Quorum Present was chosen President Pro tem. Reading of the minuts dispensed with
Petition of Christophr Keegan for opening Green St from his hous south & read & granted [p. 10]
Repo[r]t of the committe on claims of for $22.00 for his services in Listing <​assessing​> property &c in 1st ward accepted and the account allowed.—
Moved seconded and carried that take the plac[e] of during his absence this season, also: the place of , the place of , the place of , the place of as councillors in the city council,— And as alderman in place of
s fine for absence last summer was remitted
Bills of & were laid over to next council.—
the Recorder was permitted to change his surety , for .—
Petition of Elizabeth Taylor. & six othe[r]s. for opening Lumbard St. from Golden St to Horner St. granted
at 5 council adjournd.— [p. 11]