Minutes, 29 March 1841

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Monday 29th March 1841.
City Council met pursuant to Adjournment, Meeting opened by Prayer, Reading of Minutes of last Meeting dispensed with.
presented a Petn respecting Dogs & said he wished it to lie on the Table until next Meeting
Colr Joseph Smith proposed <​that Petn be proceeded upon, &​> that Owners of Dogs be fined, if their Dogs molest any Person.—
Motion withdrawn by .—
Colr Joseph Smith moved by way of Ordnance that all Persons be fined <​Five Dollars​> who keeps a Dog, provided the Dog is set upon Cattle or Hogs &c, or molests any Person.
wished Fine to be Two Dollars.
Colr moved <​an amendment​> that Fine be not less than Two Dolls, or greater than Fifteen Dolls according to the enormity of the Crime, it was Seconded.
Colr. [p. 15]
Colr J. Smith Objected to the Amendment, & wished it to stand as Originally moved,
said Petn was changed into another shape, & would <​amend, &​> give Owner of Dog liberty to Kill his Dog or pay a Fine of from one to Ten Dollars at discretion of the Magistrate, who is to assess Damages,
Colr J. Smith said he agreed with ’s Views.
Aldmn proposed, that killing Dogs should not acquit the Owner of the Dog from paying Damages.— & wished that Amount of Damage should not be limitted to Ten Dolls.
The said all Fines granted by City Col, are Criminal, & suit for Damages will be in a Civil Court.
Aldmn again Rose & spoke, & the amendment was
Carried, that word Five be struck out, & the Words One & Ten be inserted.
To be called an Ordinance in Relation to Dogs.—
Moved & seconded that Petn respecting Dogs be printed, & was discussed by several of the Council, also whether the Name of the Poet be inserted.
Colr J. Smith spoke at length. Resoln amended by Vote, & <​that​> it be printed at expence of the Corporation—
Aldmn said he wished One Advertisement to be stuck up in each Ward.
Colr spoke.
Colr [p. 16]
Colr J. Smith said he considered the Col. had a Right to put a Fine upon the Person or Persons so Petitioning in Rhyme, or (as may be / with Scurrility, & spoke at length,
said there were honorable names to the Petn, & did not think they would object to publication,
The explained that an ordinance may be passed, to cause Persons presenting Petns to pay expence of Printing,
Colr. J. Smith again spoke upon the extent of the Charter, & that every Person who Petitions should consider themselves liable to Taxation, in as much as no Petn should be presented unless it was worthy of Notice,
Aldmn said that the decision now made, should be for a Rule hereafter in other Cases, & that this decision may prevent Petns (not worthy of Notice) <​from​> being presented,
Colr J. Smith moved that Petrs be at liberty to withdraw Petn., & that motion to have it Printed be Rescinded ,— seconded, & Carried.—
The spoke at as to power of Council to vacate Streets, &c.
Colr. J. Smith moved that the City Surveyor be Ordered to Survey the City of , & Platts of , to accord with the City Platt of , & make out a Map to be Recorded, Seconded, & Carried.
wished for an explination, or information as to right of Owners of Lots, to the Streets Vacated.—
Colr. J. Smith Answered the Questions.
The gave further explinations,
considered that every Person who purchased a Lot, expected that he bought the priviledges of the Street,
Colr J. Smith again spoke,
Colr [p. 17]
Colr J. Smith moved that <​the Survey of​> the City Platt, of the City of be Recognized by this Council, seconded & Carried.—
brought up the Report of the Committee on Streets, which he read, so far as prepared, & obtained further time to Report.—
Adjd to this day Two Weeks at one oC. same place,—
29th March 1841.
, Mayor. [p. 18]


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