Minutes, 30 April 1833

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30 of April 1833
A of convened in the school room. the meeting commen[c]ed with prayer by Bro Joseph the councel being organized in due form Bro Joseph said that it was necessary that a subscription should be opened to procure money to pay for the use of the house that meetings were held in the past season. accordingly the conference appointed bro to circulate a subscription paper for that purpose
next thing in question was the exped[i]ency of going to and to take the charge of that of of the , it was decided that [p. 19] he should have letters of reccommendation and an Epistle to that church and take the oversight thereof and as soon as is convenient moove to that place
it was also decided that Sister should not immediately procede on her Journy to but to wait untill gets ready and go in company with him no furthe[r] business the closed
<​ Clk PT. [pro tempore]​> [p. 20]


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    The schoolroom was located in Newel K. Whitney’s store.  

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    The house referred to here is likely the schoolhouse on “the flats,” which was often used for church meetings in Kirtland.  

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    William and Elizabeth Stones Jolly were reportedly the first Mormons to live in Parkman, Ohio. They moved from Fayette, New York, to Parkman in late 1831. Elizabeth preached to Noah Packard and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, which led to the conversion of Noah and his wife, Sophia Bundy, in early June 1832. Solomon Humphrey was subsequently called to preach in the Parkman area with Noah Packard in December 1832. While it is unknown how many people had joined the church in Parkman by April 1833, the number was apparently sufficient to warrant appointing Greene to oversee a branch there. According to his son, Greene moved his family to Parkman to fulfill this appointment. (“Synopsis of the Life and Travels of Noah Packard,” 1; Minutes, 5 Dec. 1832; Greene, “Biographical Sketch of the Life and Travels of John Portenus Greene,” 2.)  

    “A Synopsis of the Life and Travels of Noah Packard Written by Himself,” between 1858 and 1860. Typescript. BYU.

    Greene, Evan Melbourne. “A Biographical Sketch of the Life and Travels of John Portenus Greene,” 1857. CHL. MS 15390.

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    Hobert and Jaques likely departed Kirtland no later than mid-May: the journey from Kirtland to the Independence area generally took between three and five weeks to complete, and a letter to Kirtland from Missouri indicated that Hobert and Jaques had arrived by 7 June 1833. (Letter to Church Leaders in Jackson Co., MO, 2 July 1833.)