Minutes, 30 November 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Slander of JS–B]

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City of )
Novr 29th 1842.— Complaint made on Oath before , by Joseph Smith for a breach of an Ordinance of the , entitled “an Ordce in Relation to Religious Societies,”—
Wt. issued same day directed to the City
Present.— Ten OClock, A. M.— Novr 30th. 1842. Aldermen , , , , <​​>, and .
elected President pro tem.—
opened the Case on part of the , & Read the afft of Joseph Smith.—
pleaded not guilty.—
, , Andw M. Gravel, & Chas. Seidel were Sworn as Witnesses.—
Andw. M. Gravel examined,— no X examination.—
Chas. Seidel examd.,— X examd. <​by ,​> & questioned by the Court.
exd.,— X examd.,— & do.—
exd.,— X examd.,—
appeared as Atty. for the , (during the examn. of the Witnesses,) & X exd. some of them.
The stated that he would not produce any Witnesses.
then proceeded to speak to evidence, &c &c.—
alledged that evidence had not been produced to support a breach of the Ordinance, & called upon the Court for a , with Costs.—
replied.— Joseph Smith the Prosr. for the spoke at Considble length, by permission of the Ct..—
spoke in explination.—
spoke in conslusion.
The decision Judgt of the Court is, that the Plaintiff be , with Costs of Suit.
/Entd/ [p. [1]]
Novr. 30th. 1842.
City of ) Minutes of the Trial & proceedings in this Cause. J. Smith prosecuting witness.Other Papers inside.
Pltf . [p. [2]]


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