Minutes, 5 April 1844

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Friday April 5th. 1844 5 o clock P.M. Council met pursuant to adjournt.
Prest. Joseph Smith in the chair The chairman introduced E[lde]r to the council, and for benifit explained the order and object of the organization.
On motion Er was admitted a member by unanimous vote
On motion the reading of the minutes was dispensed with and the report of the committee called for.
Er reported progress & asked for more time. He called upon Er to read the portion of the document ready, which was done [p. [83]] Er gave some further reasons why the document had been delayed and the course the committee had pursued since their reappointment yesterday.
On motion it was resolved that the committee have further time allowed to prepare the document.
Er explained further the views of—and the course pursued by the committee. He referred to the lack of power and correct principles in the various governments of the earth.
The chairman explained the meaning of the word “Ahman” which signifies the first man or first God, and “Ahman Christ” signifies the first mans [p. [84]] son. He then referred to the labors of the committee and said that the council could not decide as to their labors untill they had completed their work. They could only sanction what been done and the committee must continue untill they had completed the document.
Er said that the course which the committee had pursued was the very course, suggested to him before they commenced their labors
Er made some remarks on government in general.
Er wished to speak some of the feelings of his heart. He referred to the intelligence and power he had realized while sitting [p. [85]] in this council. He was favorable to the document already presented and considered it good. Our proceedings are not designed to gratify the gentile world, but they are dignified and honorable. He rejoiced at the privilege of sitting in this council. He recomme[n]ded that the council hold up the committee by their prayers and hoped the council would all do so.
Er rejoiced to be associated with this council. He was pleased to see the spirit of union which prevails amongst the members. He referred to the few who were organized some 14 years ago and how they had prevailed He next referred to the three that bear re [p. [86]]cord in heaven and three that bear witness on earth, as a principle connected with the government of God’s kingdom on the earth.
Er considered the subject before the council ahead of every thing presented to his view ever before; that we were preparing a foundation for the fulfilment of the prophets; that the constitutions of the nations of the earth compared to the constitutions of Gods kingdom is like the skeleton of a horse head, compared to the head itself (Here Er was sick and had leave of absence). We want a permanent rock to place our feet upon, a foundation laid by God himself, calculated for our [p. [87]] peace and happiness and for our children, and childrens children and our fathers &c, that would circumscribe the salvation of the human family.
said this was the happiest hour of his life. He did not believe there was another government under heaven that would suffer so much persecution to the saints as this government and not redress their greivances. He wanted a perfect code of laws right from the throne of God. He closed his remarks by shouting hosanna to God &c.
Er has been extremely interested in the contemplations [p. [88]] of the evening. Never had felt those lofty songs of freedom burn within him as on this evening. We want laws to govern us, which are, “thus saith the Lord. God has said of the last days that he would rule all nations with a rod of Iron which is the word of God.
Er. said that Governments must have originated from some place—if from heaven they ought to pattern after heaven, and we discover that when God gives laws they do not agree with the laws of men. If we had not the oracles of God, and power to commune with the heavens it would be impossible for us to obtain the object we are [p. [89]] seeking after. He would not exchange his seat in this council for any seat on the earth, nor any crown.
Er said he had sweat an hour, and wanted to say a few words. The spirit had been like fire in his bones, He said we must lay a foundation broad enough to reinstate all things which have not been made perfect. We must swallow the whole stream and then will have all power.
. said spirits had been more susceptible these few councils than ever before. He thought when he came in this church he should never want to keep book accounts again, Why? he thought the law [p. [90]] would be written in every mans heart, and there would be that perfection in our lives, nothing further would be needed. He then referred to the imperfection and corruption of the governments of the earth. No line can be drawn between the church and other governments, of the spritual and temporal affairs of the church. Revelations must govern. The voice of God, shall be the voice of the people. We want to build up the whole church, in all longsuffering &c. Republicanism is, to enjoy every thing there is in heaven, earth or hell to be enjoyed, and not infringe upon the rights of another, and many great things which could not be written [p. [91]]
Er spake in favor of Moses’ government.
Er referred to s views of Mormonism. That there is a spirit in it that will convince the learned, wanted to go up stream as fast as possible.
Er had never felt much interest in political government, but much in the government of heaven
Er spoke of his experience He had found since he had come into this church that we had got to be men. Never considered himself decently whip’t until he was whipt with a rod taken out of his own hand, and many other good things. [p. [92]]
Er gave his assent to admission to the council, inasmuch as he was absent when the vote was taken.
The chairman spake of his observations on the constitution the previous evening. He approved of the observations of . We have a right to complain of the government untill they redress our wrongs.
entertained no fears that legal exceptions to this council could or would be taken. There was nothing done here but he was willing should be proclaimed on the house tops
On motion the council adjourned untill next thursday at 9 A.M. [p. [93]]