Minutes, 5 December 1832

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A of held in December 5, AD 1832, at the request of brother who desired to know the will of the Lord respe[c]ting him, the councel opened by prayer br Joseph Smith Jr. and appointed bro Clerk, after hearing a statement from of his situation, It was ordered in councel that should devote himself entirely to the work of the ministry commencing in and taking Br of as his companion in travel and labouring in such places and regions as the lord may direct by his spirit
There being no further business the councel closed by prayer——
Clk of Con.
Joseph Smith Jr— Prsd [p. 1]


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    Although the term conference is used most often in minutes to refer to gatherings such as these, council is also sometimes used. In the minutes of a meeting held in Missouri in April 1832, for example, conference and council are used interchangeably. (See Minutes, 26–27 Apr. 1832.)  

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    The council convened in the evening. (JS, Journal, 5 Dec. 1832.)  

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    JS ordained Packard a priest at a conference of elders held on 3 December 1832, which Humphrey attended. (Minutes, 3 Dec. 1832; JS, Journal, 3 Dec. 1832.)  

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    Packard had resided in Parkman, Ohio, since 1817. (Packard, “Life and Travels,” 1, 3.)  

    Packard, Noah. “The Life and Travels of Noah Packard.” In Voices from the Past: Diaries, Journals, and Autobiographies, compiled by Campus Education Week Program, Education Week Department, Continuing Education, Brigham Young University, 1–7. Provo, UT: Campus Education Week, Brigham Young University Press, 1980.