Minutes, 6 April 1838

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, April 6th 1838.
Agreeable to a resolution passed the high council of Zion, March 3rd 1838, the saints in assembled at this place, to hold the anniversary of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and to transact Church business.
The meeting was opened by singing and prayer by —After which president Joseph Smith Jr read the order of the day as follows:—
Doors will be opened at 9 o’clock A M and [p. 46] the meeting will commence by singing and prayer.
A sexton will then be appointed for a door keeper and other services in the house of the Lord.
Two historians will then be appointed to write and keep the church history.
Also a general recorder to keep the records of the whole Church, and be the clerk of the first presidency.
And a clerk will be appointed for the high Council, and to keep the Church records of this stake.
And three presidents will be appointed to preside over this Church of Zion.
After which an address will be delivered by the presidency:
Then an intermission of one hour will take place;
When the meeting will again convene and open by singing and prayer;
The Sacrament will then be administered and the blessing of infants attended to;
The meeting then proceeded to business was appointed sexton and assistant;
and were appointed historians;
was appointed general Church Recorder and Clerk for the first Presidency;
was appointed Church Clerk and Recorder for this stake of Zion and Clerk for the high Council;
was appointed President pro tempore of the Church in Zion, and and his assistant Presidents:
The meeting adjourned for one hour—and again opened by —After which the bread and wine was administered, and 95 infants were brought forward and blessed—When on motion the meeting closed.
Clerk. [p. 47]