Minutes, 6 November 1841

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Saturday Novr. 6th. 1841.
Meeting opened by Prayer. Minutes of last Meeting Read.— Colr. <​was​> Sworn into office. & subscribed his oath.—
Petn. of , Recorder, referred to Committee of , & to report whether any & what Articles sought for in the Petn., such as Desk Books or Staty, shd. be procured for him as Recorder. [p. 34]
moved to Report on Streets
moved a Resolution, that the do s lodge the usual Bond with Surety, in the Sum of Five Hundred Dollars, as Recorder of this .—
Report of Committee on Petn., brought forward,— the Report was recd. by an Unanimous Vote.
opposed Granting the Petn..
The spoke in Explination, & wd oppose the Granting of the <​Petn.​>
moved, that the Petn. be rejected.—
Colr. spoke in opposition to Granting the Petns..
Spoke to same Effect.
sd. the Law required a Justice of the Peace to be appointed with the County Comrs. to oversee the Poor, & the Comrs. shd be notified to that Effect.—
Liberty to withdraw Petn., was Carried.—
presented a Resln <​Resolution​> that the City Col. meet one Evg. in every Week, to discuss the Laws of the , & other bus..—
moved an amendment. moved a further Amendt. which was not Carried.— & first Amendt. Carried, to stand “that the City Council meet on every Saturday Evg. at 6 oC. to discuss the Laws of the , & other business.—
presented a Resoln. that the City Col. meet in Councel<​lor​> s office, & that he receive pay for the use of the Room, <​& for​> & Fuel, & Candles, out of the City Treasury.
opposed, in as much as the expence wd come upon the Citizens generally, & shd be done by private Contributions.— [p. 35]
spoke in favour of the resln..—
The spoke in accordance with the Resln. & wd support <​it.​>
Colr. , sd. he was willing the Col. shd meet in his office as often as 3 times a Week, & he wd give way, & wd also provide Fuel & Candles, but wd Require some pay, & thinks it wd be a general good, to meet, as proposed.—
again Spoke in Support of the Resolution.
moved that the Words “out of the City Treasury” be struck out.
agrees that the Expences shd be paid; the only question to him, is, whether the Col. shd meet so often, but as that question has been decided, he has no more to say.—
acquiesced in favour of the Resolution.
wd. agree that Expences be paid out of the Treasury so far as necessary to do City business, but not for private discussion.—
spoke strongly, & at length, in support of the resln..—
Origl. resoln. adopted.
moved a Resln., that the City Assessor be instructed to assess all Property both Real & personal, within the City limits.
Adopted, to go into a Committee of the whole, & took the Chair.
The moved an Amendment, & that it <​be made to​> read, “all property Taxed by the for or purposes, both real & persl within th[e] city Limits, to the full amt contemplated in the Charter.—
Amendment Carried. [p. 36]
wished to know the intentions of the Gentn who pas moved the Amendment, as he cd not see his object.
enquired into the nature of the Resoln & its necessity.
The explained,
wished some explination.—
moved that the latter part of the Amendment be struck out, & afterwds withdrew his Motion.—
moved an Amendt., by making it Read “taxable” instead of the word Taxed.— Amendment Carried.—
Committee rose & reported.—
moved, & it was Secd. & Carried, that the Words “to the full amt. contemplated in the Charter” be struck out
asked if his Property was not enhanced in Value since the Charter was Obtained.—
sd. the Farmers on the outside of the who were satisfied, <​& signed​> that a Charter should be obtd, did not then expect that their Farms, & property thereon, wd be Taxed, therefore did not send in a , but if they be Taxed, will take remedy for Redress.—
wished to know whether it was intended that the Farmers shd pay Taxes, & wished to hear, the opinion of more of the Colrs on this Subject.—
said the Charter <​having​> being been obtained, <​more than​> doubled the Value of Property in the .—
again spoke, & wished the Lands in the , which have not been laid out in Lots, to be exempt from [p. 37] from Taxation, <​as also all personal property which is now exempted from Exeon. by the laws of the & to​> & let the Lots & personal Property be Taxed, & moved an Amendment to that Effect.—
The spoke in Support of the Resoln., & that the Assessor has a discretional power in laying Taxes upon Lands not laid out in Lots, according to their Value.—
again Spoke, & sd. if Lands are Taxable, the Col. will see Notices stuck up through , that he (the Speaker) has Lots to Sell.—
wished to postpone further proceeds in this bus, until the Col. would be full, & Owners of Land have oppy.. of laying Claims for exemption before this Col..
wishes no delay to the Assessor, but that the bus shd be decided at this time.
, spoke against the Amendment, & in Support of the Origl. Resolution.—
spoke as to <​the​> value of Lands within, & without the .
sd <​that not one out of five of​> the People who Emigrate here have any desire to live out of the , & all sorts of Grain & Sauce will sell for much more now, than <​they did​> a few years ago.
Amendment lost by Vote.
Original question (Or Resolution) as amended, was Carried.
Adjourned to Saturday next at 6 oClock Afternoon.— to meet at same Place.—
Novr. 6th. 1841.— [p. 38]