Minutes, 6 September 1831

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Minutes of a held in Portage County Ohio, Sept. 6. 1831.
present:— Joseph Smith, jr. , , , Sylvester Parker, (denied the faith.)
Upon testimony satisfactory to this conference it was voted that be silenced from preaching as an Elder in this Church.
Ck. of Con. [p. 6]


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    This parenthetical notation regarding Parker’s disaffection was apparently added to the minutes later, possibly when they were copied into the minute book in 1838 but perhaps when John Whitmer made an earlier copy of the minutes. On 25 October 1831, Parker attended another conference, indicating that he was still in good standing at that time. (Minutes, 25–26 Oct. 1831; see also the source note for Minute Book 2.)  

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    This may have meant that Booth had to relinquish his elder’s license. One definition of “silence” in Webster’s 1828 dictionary is “to restrain from preaching by revoking a license to preach.” There is no record of any other disciplining of Booth; letters published by the Ohio Star intimate that Booth voluntarily left the church, not that church leaders cut him off. (“Silence,” in American Dictionary [1828]; see, for example, Ezra Booth, “Mormonism—No. VII,” Ohio Star [Ravenna], 24 Nov. 1831, [1].)  

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