Minutes, 7–11 April 1841

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Minutes of the general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints held at the City of , Hancock Co. Ill. on the seventh day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-one.
Conference convened at 10 o’clock A. M. when the names of the presidents of the several quorums were called, who took their seats on the stand, and their councillors immediately in front. The meeting was then called to order, and the choir under the superintendence of sung a hymn, and the conference was opened by an address to the throne of grace by Pres’t. .
The was then called upon to read the report of the First Presidency, which was read.
On motion. Resolved that the report be printed in the Times and Seasons.
arose and stated, that in consequence of his weakness from his labors of yesterday, he would call upon Gen. to officiate in his place.
then read the revelations from “The Book of the Law of the Lord,” which had been received since the last general Conference, in relation to writing a proclamation to the kings of the earth, building a in , the organization of the church &c.
Pres. Jos. Smith rose and made some observations in explanation of the same, and likewise of the necessity which existed of building the , that the saiints might have a suitable place for worshiping the Almighty, and also the building of the , that suitable accomodations might be afforded for the strangers who might visit this city.
The choir sung a hymn, and the meeting adjourned for one hour.
Conference met pursuant to adjournment and was called to order by Pres. .
The choir sung a hymn, and Pres’t. addressed the throne of grace.
, read the charters granted by the Legislature of this state for incorporating the “City of ,” the “Nauvoo Legion,” “The University of the City of Nauvoo,” “The Agricultural and Manufactoring Association” & for the “ Association.”
On Motion; Resolved; That the charters now read be received by the Church.
Carried unanimously.
Pres’t. arose and gave an exhortation to the assembly.
Gen. , then spoke at some length on the present situation, prospects, and condition of the church, and remarked that the hand of God must indeed be visible, in accomplishing the great blessings and prosperity of the [p. 386] church, and called upon the saints to be faithful and obedient in all things, and likewise forcibly and eloquently urged the necessity of being united in all their movements, and before he sat down, he wished to know how many of the Saints who were present felt disposed to continue to act in concert, and follow the instructions of the First Presidency, and called upon those who did so, to arise on their feet; when immediately the saints, almost without exception arose.
The choir sung a hymn, and the meeting after prayer, adjourned until to morrow morning.
Thursday morning April 8th: at an early hour this morning the different quorums, who had previously been organized, came to the ground and took their seats as follows: the Frst Presidency, with the presidents of the quorums on the stand; the High Council, on the front of the stand; the High Priesthood on the front to the right of the stand; the Seventies immediately behind the high priesthood; the Elders in the front, to the left; the Lesser Priesthood on the extreme right.
On motion; Resolved: that this session of Congress continue until Sunday evening.
Pres’t. J. Smith declared the rule of voting, to be a majority in each quorum, exhorted them to deliberation, faith and prayer, and that they should be strict, and impartial in their examinations. He then told them that the presidents of the different quorums would be presented before them for their acceptance or rejection.
then presented the First Presidency to the Lesser Priesthood, who were unanimously accepted.
Pres’t. presented them to the elders’ quorum—unanimously accepted.
Pres’t. presented them to the seventies—unanimously accepted.—
Pres’t. presented them to the High Priesthood.
Councellor presented them to the High council—unanimously accepted.
The then presented them to the Presidents of all the quorums, on the stand—unanimously accepted.
Gen. was presented with the First Presidency as assistant president, until ’s health should be restored. The presidents and counselors belonging to the several quorums, were then presented to each quorum seperately for approval or rejection, when the following persons were objected to, viz. , president of the Elders quorum; , Bishop; Elder , one of the twelve; and of the High Priesthood.— , Bishop; moved their cases be laid over until the intermission, to be tried before the several quorums.
Pres’t. Joseph Smith presented the building Committee of the “,” to the several quorums collectively, who were unanimously received.
Pres’t. Smith observed, that it was necessary that some one should be appointed to fill the quorum of the twelve, in the room of the late Elder , whereupon, nominated Elder to that office, which was unanimously accepted. stated, that it was an office of great honor and responsibility, and he felt inadequate to the task, but inasmuch as it was the wish of the authorites of the church, that he should take that office, he would endeavor to magnify it.
On motion; Resolved: that be appointed to the office of High Counsellor, in the place of , who had been chosen as a councillor to the presidency of this stake.— On motion; Resolved: that be appointed to be one of the High Council in the room of [,] deceased.
The choir sung a hymn, and afte[r] prayer by , the meetin[g] ad[j]ourned for two hours.
Conference met pursuant to adjournment. A hymn was sung by th[e] choir. delivered a di[s]course to the conference on the subje[ct] of “Baptism for the dead” which w[as] set forth in a manner new and intere[s]ting, and with an eloquence peculiar [to] the speaker, which was listened to w[ith] intense interest by the assembly.
made some very ap[pro]priate observations in continuation [of] the subject. [p. 387]
Pres’t. Smith likewise followed on the same subject, threw considerable light on the doctrine which had been investigated.
The choir then sung a hymn, and after prayer by elder , it was moved that conference adjourn until to morrow morning at 10 o’clock.
Friday Morning, conference met pursuant to adjournment.
The quorums reported, that they had investigated the conduct of the persons who had been objected to, and that they had rejected and .
Leave was then given for Elder , to make a few remarks to the qu[o]rums respecting the charges prefered against him; after speaking; on motion, resolved, that continue his standing in the church.
Resolved, that as , has not appeared to answer the charges prefered against him, that his bishoprick be taken from him.
Pres’r. J. Smith made some observations respecting the duty of the several quorums, in sending their members into the vineyard, and also stated, that labor on the would be as acceptable to the Lord as preaching in the world.
Pres’t. Smith then stated that it was necessary that some one should be appointed to collect funds for building the .
On motion resolved that , , , , , , Jahiel Savage, and , be appointed to travel and collect funds for the same.
A Hymn was then sung by the choir and prayer by Pres’t. .
Pres’t. J. Smith then stated that he should resign the meeting to the presidency of the Stake, and the president of the High Priest Quorum.
The building committee were called upon to address the assembly, first took the stand and spoke at length on the imporiance of building the , and called upon the the saints to assist them in their great undertakings.
Elder spoke in continuation, and made some very appropriate remarks. The conference adjourned for one hour.
Conference met pursuant to adjournment. spoke on the same subject.
Elder then came forward and addressed the meeting at considerble length.
The clerk read a letter from Elder in England, to Pres’t. Joseph Smith which gave an account of the prosperity of the work of the Lord in that land.
On motion resolved that conference adjourned till to morrow morning at 10 o’clock.
Friday April 9th: the weather being so wet and cold, the conference did not meet.
Saturday, the weather was unfavorable consequently no business was transacted.
Sunday morning. The conference again met, was called upon to preach. He spake on the subject of the literal fulfillment of prophesy.
made some observations on baptism for the remission of sins. A Hymn was sung by the choir. Conference adjourned for one hour.
Conference met pursuant to adjournment and was addressed by the Bishops of the Stake, who stated the situation of the poor who had to be supported and called upon the saints to assist in relieving the necessities of widow and fatherless.
Elder made some observations on the subject.
Pres’t. Joseph Smith then addressed the assembly and stated, that in consequence of the severety of the weather, the saints had not received as much instruction as he desired and that some things would have to be laid over until the next conference—as there were many who wished to be baptized, they would now go to the water and give opportunity to any who wished to be baptized of doing so. The procession was then organized and proceeded down to the water.
After the baptism were over—on motion resolved, that the conference adjourn to the 1st of October next
Clerk. [p. 388]