Minutes, 8 August 1835

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Minutes of a held in Aug. 8th 1835 Presidents Joseph Smith, & Presiding. Meeting opened by prayer of .
Proceeded to lay hands on the following sons of and bless them as follows. Father Duncan & 6 which is recorded in the book of ordination blessings which see,—— [13 lines blank] [p. 95]


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    The minutes do not specify whether this person is JS or Joseph Smith Sr. The placement of the name before the names of Sidney Rigdon and Oliver Cowdery suggests it refers to JS, although it is possible that JS had already left Kirtland on a trip to Michigan Territory. (See JS History, vol. B-1, 606.)  

    JS History / Smith, Joseph, et al. History, 1838–1856. Vols. A-1–F-1 (original), A-2–E-2 (fair copy). Historian’s Office, History of the Church, 1839–ca. 1882. CHL. CR 100 102, boxes 1–7. The history for the period after 5 Aug. 1838 was composed after the death of Joseph Smith.

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    The term “sons of Zion” was used as a name for the Seventy in the minutes of a meeting held on 17 August. The term was also used in the blessings of several individuals who were designated seventies at that meeting. However, as used here, the name seems to refer more generally to those who had gone on the Camp of Israel expedition. (Minutes, 17 Aug. 1835; see also Blessing for Burr Riggs, 7 June 1835, in Patriarchal Blessings, 1:26–27; Blessing for Charles C. Rich, 24 Apr. 1836, in Patriarchal Blessings, 1:37–38; and Blessing for Harpin Riggs, in Patriarchal Blessings, 1:42.)  

    Patriarchal Blessings, 1833–. CHL. CR 500 2.

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    Father Duncan is almost certainly John Duncan (1780–1872), who went on the Camp of Israel expedition with JS. Duncan, who had been ordained a priest by Orson Pratt, arrived in Kirtland from Missouri in July 1835. (Johnson, History of John Duncan, 1, 13; Account with the Church of Christ, ca. 11–29 Aug. 1834; Duncan, Reminiscences, 1, 6; Phelps, “Letters of Faith from Kirtland,” 529.)  

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