Minutes, 8 November 1831

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Minutes of a special held in , Portage Co. Ohio, Nov. 8. 1831.
Joseph Smith jr.
Br. Joseph Smith jr. appointed Moderator & Clerk. Opened, prayer by br. Joseph Smith jr.
Remarks by br. on the errors or mistakes which are in and revelations, made either by the scribe translation in consequence of the slow way of the scribe at the time of receiving or by the scribes themselves
Resolved by this conference that Br Joseph Smith Jr correct those errors or mistakes which he may discover by the holy Spirit while receiving the revelations reviewing reviewing the revelations & commandments & also the fulness of the scriptures.
Resolved by this conference that br shall all the writings which go forth to the world which go through the Printing press (except) the revelations and commandments) by the Spirit of the Lord and this according to the commandment given in [p. 16] July 20, 1831. Closed in prayer by br
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    All of the eight elders listed here, except for Christian Whitmer, attended the 1–2 November 1831 conference. Three of the ten listed at the 1–2 November conference—Orson Hyde, David Whitmer, and Lyman Johnson—did not attend this meeting. David Whitmer and Lyman Johnson were apparently still in Hiram or the vicinity, because Johnson attended a conference held there the next day (9 November) and Whitmer attended one held there on 12 November. Hyde may have already left with Hyrum Smith to proselytize in Elyria and Florence, Ohio. (Minutes, 1–2 Nov. 1831; Minutes, 9 Nov. 1831; Minutes, 12 Nov. 1831; “History of Orson Hyde,” 8, Historian’s Office, Histories of the Twelve, ca. 1858–1880, CHL.)  

    Historian’s Office. Histories of the Twelve, 1856–1858, 1861. CHL. CR 100 93.

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    Cowdery, Rigdon, and John Whitmer worked as JS’s main scribes on his revision of the Bible, making it likely that they served as scribes for revelations as well. By September 1831, Rigdon was apparently sometimes referred to as “Sidney th[e] Scribe,” suggesting that he was JS’s chief scribe. (Faulring et al., Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible, 63–71; Whitmer, History, 37.)  

    Faulring, Scott H., Kent P. Jackson, and Robert J. Matthews, eds. Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible: Original Manuscripts. Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2004.

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    That is, JS’s Bible revision.  

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    According to the 20 July 1831 revelation, Cowdery was to assist William W. Phelps “in Whatsoever place I shall appoint unto him to copy & to correct & select” writings for printing. (Revelation, 20 July 1831 [D&C 57:13].)