Minutes, 9 July 1842

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Saturday July 9th. 1842.— Ten oClock A. M.
Council met agreeable to adjournment. Meeting opened by Prayer.— The took the Chair.— Minutes of last two meetings read and approved of. Names of Council Called.—
Councillor presented a Petn, praying for alterations & amendments to the Ordinance Organizing the Nauvoo Legion, and gave his Reasons in full for bringing it forward.
spoke in support of the Petition.
spoke in opposition, & does not consider it to be a matter for the Action of this Council, but for the Court Martial of the Legion.—
<​one of a Committee appointed by a Court Martial,​> was permitted to take opportunity to explain the reasons why this Council has a Right to Act on this Petition, & the necessity for the alterations required.
Colr. [p. 33]
, opposed the granting of the Petn as it now stands, or in any form, but it may be done by Ordinance.
, considers the Council have not any Right to interfere with the Legion, in the enactment of Laws, & that all power is transferred to the Legion, by the Ordinance.
, spoke in support of the Right of the Council. The Petition was withdrawn.—
moved that a Select Committee be appointed to prepare an Ordinance to amend an Ordinance <​entitled “an Ordinance​> organizing the Nauvoo Legion.”
Committee to be Composed of Colrs , , , & .
Adjourned at One oC. P. M. for two Hours.
The time for meeting arrived, & part of the Council assembled, & remained waiting the Arrival of the Remainder, but severals did not come, & the was instructed to notify the entire City Council to meet at Ten oClock A. M. on Tuesday next.
Council adjourned until that Time.— [p. 34]