Minutes, 9 September 1842

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Friday Septr. 9th 1842. special meeting at 8 oClock A. M.
Council met by special call,— opened by Prayer, The Mayor & being absent. was elected to preside as President pro Tem.— Names of the Council were called,— Minutes of last meeting read, & approved.
Resolved &c., That on any Member or Members of the City Council of the City of leaving, or reporting that he or they is <​or are​> about to leave the , with the intention of being absent for three Months or longer, the City Council may elect a Member or Members to fill his place ortheir places, until his or their return.
declared his intention of being absent for three Months or longer, and Recommended to fill his place,— declared a like intention, & recommended ,— made a like declaration, & recommended ,— for a like reason recommended .— likewise recommended ,— being absent from the City was nominated to fill his place,— having gone also, was nominated to fill his place,— & , also absent, was nominated to fill his place. and those [p. 39] those Persons so recommended or nominated were respectively elected accordingly.—
, , & were appointed a Select Committee, to whom it was referred to prepare an Ordinance relative to the assessing and Collecting of the City Taxes for the present year, (1842.).—
was elected City Marshal pro tem, in the place & absence of .—
was elected City Treasurer, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of the former incumbent, and <​it was ordered​> that said appear and give Bond at the next meeting of this Council.
A Bill was presented by Colr. & accepted by an unanimous vote, and went through the usual Readings, the Rules being dispensed with, and passed into an Ordinance, to Wit, entitled, “An Ordinance relative to the Return of Writs of .
Adjourned until Friday the 23rd. Inst at 4 oClock P. M.— [p. 40]