Minutes and Discourses, 7–8 March 1835

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March 7th 1835
This day a Meeting of the was called in this place, for the purpose of blessing in the name of the Lord, those who have heretofore assisted in building, by their labor & other means, the in this place. The forenoon was occupied by J. Smith Junr in remarks to the Church, upon the propriety and necessity of purifying itself. In the P.M. the names of the several, those who had assisted to build the were taken and further remarks were made by president J. Smith Junr. He said that those who had distinguished themselves Thus far by to the upbuilding of said as well as laboring were to be remembered. That those who build it should own it, and have the control of it. After further remarks he proceeded to call a vote of those who had performed this labor, whether they would still go on and perform the remaining part of the same,
Passed by unanimous voice.
The Presidency were blessed.
President was nominated to officiate in in the name of the Lord to bestow the blessings.
The Presidency were blessed and & , the building Committee. The last were not present but their right in the house was preserved. [p. 192]
Names of those who were blessed in consequence of their working on the in and those also who to its upbuilding
Giles Cook
Joseph Smith Junr
Jaman Aldrich
Joel McWithee [McWithey]
Matthew Foy
James Randal [Randle]
William Bosley
Jonas Putman [Putnam]
Edmund Durfee Junr. Oliver Higby
Gideon Ormsby Sunday P.M. March 8
Albert Miner
Levi Osgood
Alpheus Harmon
Peter Shirts
Isaac Hubbard
Horace Burgess Z. H. Brewster
Dexter Stillman Samuel Thompson
Amos F. Herrick John Ormsby
Luman Carter
William Carter
[p. 193]
Thomas Fisher
Sterry Fisk
Amos R. Orton Sidney Tanner
Alman Sherman
Robert Dugley
Moses Bailey
Sebe Ives Samuel Canfield
Andrew H. Aldrich
Ebenezer Jennings
Josiah Fuller
James Lake Erastus Rudd
Wm. Redfield
Roswell Murry
Harvey Smith Benjamin Wells
Isaac Cleaveland Nehemiah Harmon
Oliver Wetherby
Thomas Hancock
John Wheeler Joshua Grant
Henry Baker William Draper
Wm. Fisk Ransom Vanleuwen
Henry Wilcox
John Reed
Samuel Wilcox
David Claugh [Clough]
Loren Babbit
Blake Baldwin
Gad Yale
[p. 194]
, and were then blessed with the blessings of Heaven and a right in the in this place, agreeably to the labor and expense they have performed on the same. , & were next called who received the like blessing. The right here spoken of is according to each man’s labor or amount of donations. Jonas Putnam & were called was promised wisdom and ability to proclaim the gospel in addition to a place in the . and Gideon Ormsby were next called and received promises of a right in the . was also an Elder. Albert Miner, & were next called and received like blessings. Peter Shirts Isaac Hubbard & Horace Burgess were then called & blessed Brother Shirts was ordained an Elder. H. Burgess was also ordained Dexter Stillman Amos F. Herrick & were called & blessed. . Giles Cook Junr and . Giles Cook Junr. & were ordained Elders. Wm. Carter Jaman Aldrich & were next called. Wm. Carter who was blind, was promised a blessing of being restored to sight if faithful.
, Joel McWithy & Matthew Foy were called. James Randall and were next called.
was ordained a missionary to the after others have unlocked the door; with a promise of gathering many to . and of returning at the end of his mission with great joy, to enjoy the blessings of his family. , , and were called. was promised a blessing of health (if faithful) was told that God had a work for him, to go and preach the gospel to the sectarian priests of this age. [p. 195] to call after them, and hunt them up. whereever he could hear of them. To preach the gospel to them whether they will hear or not.
Wm. Bosley, & . Wm. Bosley & were . was blessed with a promise of having wisdom to proclaim the gospel and also to write in wisdom , & Oliver Higby, blessed.
Closed by prayer of .
Sabbath morning March 8th 1835
Pursuant to adjournment the met for the purpose of further blessing those who had assisted in building the in . , Levi Osgood and Alpheus Harmon were called to the stand & blessed. and Z. H. Brewster were called next, Samuel Tompkins, John Ormsby Luman Carter & Thomas Fisher, Blessed Sterry Fisk Amos R. Orton and Almon Sherman.
Brother Fisk whose family was afflicted was promised a blessing if faithful.
Amos R. Orton was ordained an and a missionary to the . Andrew H. Aldrich, Thomas Baily and Seba Ives Blessed. Ebenezer Jennings, , , , James Lake & Wm. Redfield, B. Wm. Redfield was ordained an Elder.
, Harvey Smith, Isaac Cleaveland, Wm. Baker John Wheeler. Henry Baker Wm. Fisk Henry Wilcox . & David Clough—— Blessed. was set apart a missionary to the Lamanites. , Loren Babbit, Blake Baldwin and Joseph B. Baldwin. Blessed.
Gad Yale, & called & Blessed. Gad Yale being one who went for the relief of their [p. 196] afflicted brethren in and received a blessing accordingly.
Sidney Tanner, . Robert Quigley and Samuel Canfield. Blessed
Samuel Canefield was an
<​&.​> was ordained a missionary to the . Erastus Rudd, Josiah Fuller, Roswell Murry, Benjamin Wells, Nehemiah Harmon Thomas Hancock, Oliver Weatherby, Joshua Grant Junr. Wm. Draper Jur Ransom Vanluwen & Blessed. John Reed & Samuel Wilcox Blessed.
who went to was set apart to be one of the . If thou art not purified thou wilt not be able to execute thy commission. Thou wilt fall into snares and into the hands of enemies who will take thy life Thou must begin to make a complete reformation in thy self.
, Clerk
The following are few names of such as belong to the but the time of their cann[o]t be accurately ascertained.
Milo Andress [Andrus], Joseph Winchester, . Henry Brown Hezekiah Fisk, many blessings were pronounced upon his head but he is not one of the 70 James L. Thompson had many blessings but was not ordained. Henry Beaman ordained one of the 70 Jesse Huntsman Jesse Huntsman—— , all to be attached to the Seventy.
one of the Seventy—— [p. 197]


  1. 1

    Subscriptions solicited from church branches, as well as loans and donated funds and labor, funded construction of the House of the Lord. (Kimball, “Journal and Record,” 48–50; JS History, vol. B-1, 595, 606, 619, 660.)  

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  2. 2

    The presidency of the high priesthood consisted of JS, Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, Oliver Cowdery, Hyrum Smith, and Joseph Smith Sr.  

  3. 3

    On 24 February 1835, Smith and Carter, as members of the building committee, left on a fund-raising trip to the area south of Kirtland. It is unclear when they returned, but Hyrum Smith is listed as receiving a blessing on 1 March 1835, indicating he was in Kirtland at that time. Perhaps he and Carter were again traveling to collect subscriptions at the time of this meeting. (Minutes, 4 May 1833; Hyrum Smith, “Book of Reckords,” [5]; Minutes, Discourse, and Blessings, 1 Mar. 1835.)  

    Smith, Hyrum. “Book of Reckords,” 1835–1838. Hyrum Smith, Papers, ca. 1832–1844. BYU.

  4. 4

    In 1835, the title to the land on which the House of the Lord was being constructed was in JS’s name; the “right” spoken of here appears symbolic in nature. (Deed from John and Alice Jacobs Johnson, 5 May 1834; see also Loving, “Ownership of the Kirtland Temple,” 1–80.)  

    Loving, Kim L. “Ownership of the Kirtland Temple: Legends, Lies, and Misunderstandings.” Journal of Mormon History 30, no. 2 (Fall 2004): 1–80.

  5. 5

    The wording here seems to imply a graduated scale of access to the House of the Lord. When the building was dedicated in 1836, so many church members wanted to attend that two separate dedications were held. The amount of time individuals spent working on the House of the Lord and the amount of money they donated may have determined whether they could attend the first dedicatory session or the second. (Revelation, 2 Jan. 1831 [D&C 38:32, 38]; Revelation, 27–28 Dec. 1832 [D&C 88:119]; Revelation, 1 June 1833 [D&C 95]; JS, Journal, 27 Mar. 1836.)  

  6. 6

    Though partially blind from birth, William Carter could distinguish between light and dark and was able to work on the House of the Lord. In 1836, he traveled to the East in hopes of having his eyes operated on but was unable to do so. By 1840, he found his way to the Institution for the Blind in Columbus, Ohio, and later traveled to Illinois, likely Nauvoo, before returning to Ohio. (Barry, “William Carter,” 156–157.)  

    Barry, Phillips. “William Carter, the Bensontown Homer.” Journal of American Folklore 25, no. 96 (Apr.–June 1912): 156–168.

  7. 7

    Brigham Young, Amos R. Orton, Lorenzo Young, and Phineas H. Young were likewise called and ordained as missionaries “to the Lamanites.” Greene’s appointment to join Brigham Young and Amos Orton in preaching “to the remnants of Joseph” was specified at the onset of the Twelve’s mission to the eastern states. (Minutes, 12 Mar. 1835; Minutes and Discourse, 2 May 1835.)  

  8. 8

    Don Carlos Smith, JS’s brother, began working in Oliver Cowdery’s print shop in Kirtland in late 1833. He was involved in the preparation of the 1835 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. (JS, Journal, 22 Nov. 1833; Historical Introduction to Doctrine and Covenants, 1835.)  

  9. 9

    There is some ambiguity in the minutes as to the schedule on Sunday, 8 March 1835. Although the minutes here state that these blessings were given in the morning, the list of names at the beginning of the minutes indicates that some of the blessings did not occur until “Sunday P.M.”  

  10. 10

    Sterry Fisk’s wife, Amanda, may have suffered from a chronic illness. When David W. Patten visited the Fisks in January 1833, he recorded that she had been confined to her house for over a year by an unnamed affliction. He recorded giving her a blessing of healing and noted her improvement. It may be that the illness had returned by this time. (Patten, Journal, 10 Jan. 1833.)  

    Patten, David W. Journal, 1832–1834. CHL. MS 603.

  11. 11

    Gad Yale is not listed in the minutes of the 14 February 1835 meeting at which the Camp of Israel participants were blessed. However, when Evan Greene prepared a list of Camp of Israel members who attended the meeting, he added Yale and eleven others. It is unclear where he received this information or why he made the list, but he may not have been present at the meeting himself. It appears that Yale missed being blessed at that meeting and was blessed here instead. (Minutes, Discourse, and Blessings, 14–15 Feb. 1835; Greene, Notes, 1835, CHL.)  

    Greene, Evan M. Notes, 1835. CHL. MS 779.

  12. 12

    As with this blessing, the text of the blessings of those ordained as seventies on 28 February and 1 March 1835 were recorded in the minutes of the meetings held on those dates. Martin recorded his experience as a Camp of Israel participant during the summer of 1834, along with his subsequent preaching experiences during the autumn months, but there is no extant information about his life in early 1835 or why he needed “a complete reformation.” Martin was similarly called to repentance at a conference on 11 December 1833 due to a conflict with Zebedee Coltrin, but he quickly confessed and remained in good standing with the church. (Minutes and Blessings, 28 Feb.–1 Mar. 1835; Minutes, Discourse, and Blessings, 1 Mar. 1835; Martin, Journal, May–Nov. 1834; Pratt, Diary, 11 Dec. 1833.)  

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  13. 13


  14. 14

    Coltrin was ordained a seventy on 1 March 1835. He recalled being ordained as a president of the Seventy “a few days” after his ordination. (Minutes, Discourse, and Blessings, 1 Mar. 1835; Coltrin, Autobiographical Sketch, [2].)  

    Coltrin, Zebedee. Autobiographical Sketch, 1880. Typescript. CHL. MS 2793.

  15. 15

    Lorenzo Barnes was not ordained a seventy until 2 May 1835. (Minutes and Discourse, 2 May 1835.)