Minutes, Nauvoo Legion, 10 June 1843

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June 10th 1843.
General Court Martial of the Nauvoo Legion met according to adjournment at the Lodge Room at 10 o’clock A. M. The former minutes read and approved.
General President.
Major was appointed Secretary.
Resolved that the Committee of revision be allowed each one dollar and fifty cents per day for their services while acting as such.
The question of taking the warrant from J[ames] M. Flack was again taken up and on motion of .
Resolved That Flack’s bail be exhonorated from any responsibility for any fines not collected and <​but​> that they be held accountable for all fines collected and not paid over according to law.
The report of the committee on the claim of was made and excepted [accepted].
The report of the committee of revis revision was next made by General asking more time to complete the revision of the law.
Resolved That the Committee of revision have till the Second Saturday in July to [p. 34] make report of the same.
Resolved That Companies, Battalions &c. of the same grade, shall take rank according to their respective numbers in the line, the lowest number ranking.
Col George Coulson’s fine remitted.
Resolved That Captain ’s Company, (except those under 45 years of age,) shall be exempt from all fines against them, in past or future time, and that they are not required to do any kind of militia duty only when they see proper
, and Simeon A. Dunn’s fines were remitted.
Resolved That the Courts of Appeals be and is hereby abolished and that appeals may be had to the respective Presidents of the Courts of Assessments who are hereby authorized to remit or suspend fines according to the evidence on all fines heretofore assessed.
Resolved, That an arsnal be built in the City of , to be located in any part of the , where the Lieutenant, and Major Generals may direct, who are also authorized to make, or cause to be made a draft of the same, and also to purchase, any piece of ground for the aforesaid purpose, which they may deem proper.
Resolved, That Col , be and is hereby appointed agent for the Legion, to superintend the business of the building of the aforesaid arsnal and that he be allowed one dollar and forty cents per day for his services while employed at that business, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, and that he be armorer of said arsnal when completed; and that he be allowed such remuneration for said services as [p. 35] may hereafter be fixed by law; also, that he be required to give bonds to the amount of five thousand dollars with approved security before entering upon the duties of said office.
Resolved, that any constable, or collector of fines, be and is hereby authorized, if he cannot obtain money, to take property in payment of fines at a fair valuation, at his own discretion, and make returns there of to the proper officer as in other cases.
Resolved, That be and is hereby authorized to organize the Second Battalion First Regiment second Cohort, into a Regiment of Light Infantry, to be called “The Escort Regiment of Light Infantry” to take place in the second Cohort according to assignment, on parade days, and do such other duties of escort &c. as may be necessary, for and that he organize the First Battalion, First Regiment Second Cohort, into a Regiment of Artilery.
Adjourned to the Second Saturday in July (the 8th inst) proximo
Major General & President of the Court Martial
Secretary pro. tem of Court Martial
June 12th 1843.
I hereby certify that I approve of the above
Joseph Smith Lieutenant General Nauvoo Legion. [p. 36]