Minutes, Nauvoo Legion Committee of Revision, 26 January, 2 and 10 February 1844

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Proceedings of the Committee of Revision of the Nauvoo Legion
January 26 1844. Committee met at the Lodge Room. Present , , .
The committee proceeded to making its own bye laws. after which it passed the following Resolutions to wit
1. That the Brass and Martial Bands of music attached to the Nauvoo Legion be and are hereby disolved and also all laws relative thereto are hereby <​repealed​>
2. That each Company shall be supplied with not less than two nor more than four, appropriate musical instruments, and each Regiment in the first Cohort a trumpet and each Regiment in the 2nd Cohort with a Bass drum at the expense of the Legion.
3 That the Commander of each Regiment be authorised to retain sufficient means in his own hands to defray the <​necessary​> expenses of the same and buy the prescribed instruments for his Regiments.
4. That this Committee adjourn sine die. Secty
February 2nd 1844
The Committee of Revision met according to previous notice at the Lodge Room. Present , , , , , and . The Committee proceeded to the examination of the Revized Laws as prepared for the press and made the following amendments.
That the Resolution exempting the Judge Advocate of the Legion from officer drill be and is hereby repealed
That the Resolution authorizing any collector of fines to apply for a garnishee be amended by striking out the word “or” <​after the word proper​>
That the 40th section be amended as follows by adding the <​words​> [“]and fifty cents” after the words one dollar
That the 3 Section be amended by striking out the words “a Chief Musician”
That the 6 section be amended by striking out the words “one drummer and one fifer” and adding in the place thereof the words “and not less than two nor more than four appropriate musicians.”
Sec 23 amended by striking out the words “the Chief Musician” also the words “and musicians belonging to the Band” also the words “or any member of the Band.”
that the 43 Section be amended so as to read as follows That each Collector of fines be required to give bonds, with approved security to the Paymaster of the Legion (or Regiment as the case may be) to twice the amount of the fines which are put into their hand. for collection, before entering upon the duties of their office
Sec 32 amended by adding after the words “where a Lieutenant Colonel or a Major shall preside,[”] the following words [p. [1]] “and all commissioned staff officers shall be tried by courts martial detailed by their respective superior officers as in other cases under the provisions of this act”
Sec. 67 repealed
that the 48 be amended by striking out the words “also, to preside in all General Courts Martial of the Legion.
that the 58 Section be amended by striking out the words “approved by the Lieutenant General” and after the words “by an act of the General Court Martial[”] add the words “except as above provided”
Section 64 be amended by striking out the words “together with a list of the fines not collected” and add in the place thereof the words except as other wise provided after which the Revised law as prepared for the press was accepted. The Committee then passed the following.
That any officer authorized to remit fines shall be allowed the sum of 25 cents for each fine remitted, to be paid by the person applying.
That no property [w]hich has been levied on by any collector for fines shall be released until all costs arising thereon shall have been <​pd.​> in consequence of the person having obtained a remission of his fine after said levy. Adjourned till Saturday 10th inst. at 8 o’clock
, Secretary.
February 10th 1844.
Committee met according to adjournment at the Lodge Room Present, , , , , , and . Proceded to business and passed the following resolution
That the following property shall be exempt from for fines due the Legion, to wit: fifteen dollars worth of house hold furniture, necessary cooking utensils, beds and necessary bedding for each two in family, and bed steads, necessary wearing appearel for the family, one cow and calf and three months provision; Provided that the wearing appearel of the delinquent shall not be exempt.
After which the Committee met adjourned to meet with the General Court Martial then ready to set. and also to meet on next Thursday (at the 15th. inst) at 6 o’clock P. M. at the residence of Lt Col
Febuary 14th 1844
I hereby Aprove of the above Document without alteration
Joseph Smith N L
Leu[t]. Gen. N. Legion
1844 Feby 10th
General Court Martial [p. [2]]


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